Papá a Toda Madre is a lot of fun

I’ve been watching Papá a Toda Madre for about a month and I’ve really enjoyed seeing Sebastián Rulli play a big kid. Mauricio is not the type of character Rulli usually plays, but he’s been doing a great job.

Papá a Toda Madre is about Mauricio who has run the family toy company into the ground. He tries to marry the daughter of an investor to infuse his company with money, but the wedding is put to an end when a little girl named Anifer shows up in the middle of the ceremony and announces she is Mauricio’s daughter.

Even though Mauricio eventually gets an investor, he’s forced to give up his lavish lifestyle and ends up moving to a neighborhood in which his neighbors are the very people he laid off because his company was bankrupt. Mauricio realizes he can’t take care of Anifer on his own so he asks Renée, one of the people he laid off, to move in with him and help him with Anifer.

Renée is reluctant at first, but soon agrees because she can’t afford the mortgage on her house. In exchange for her help, Mauricio pays for her to go to the engineering school she got into.

While the primary storyline is about Renée and Mauricio, there is a lot more to this novela. Jorge’s storyline that has been the most disturbing to me. He is a lawyer at the toy company and acts like he is religious, but he’s been living a lie. I actually felt bad for him when his wife walked out on him and their kids. Now, he disgusts me because I found out he’s had two families the entire time. How is he going to explain to the kids he’s been living with where the other kids came from? Will he tell them that they are all siblings?

Are you watching Papá a Toda Madre? What do you think so far?



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