Papá a Toda Madre ends

I didn’t blog much about this novela, but I loved it and it might actually be one of my favorites. Not only did it have drama, but it was funny. I laughed out loud at some of Mauricio’s antics.

Here’s a recap of the novela and all of its happy endings.

As I suspected, Fabián was Anifer’s real father. For awhile, he was fine with Mauricio keeping her. Unfortunately for Anifer, Fabián decided he wanted to be recognized as Anifer’s father. I don’t think he really had any interest in Anifer. He was merely looking for a way to hurt Mauricio. Apparently, taking Logatoys from him wasn’t enough.

Fabián went crazy. He tried to force María and Anifer to live with him, which made Anifer not like him at all. She wanted Mauricio. As a true hero, Mauricio got Anifer and María away from Fabián who then went into hiding until the grand opening for Anitoys. Fabián decided he was going to burn down the plant. He didn’t realize Anifer was in the factory until Mauricio told him. Mauricio and Fabián went into the factory to save Anifer and Fabián didn’t get out. It was a fitting end.

Mauricio ended up happy with Anifer and Renée, even though Renée decided to leave to go back to school. She and Mauricio kept it going and, at the end, we found out that Renée was pregnant. Through the course of the show, Renée also found her father, Noel, and yes, she and Fabián were siblings.

As for the others, Jorge finally kicked Dulce out and told Kika that he loved her. Lili and Pablo had a baby boy. Toño became a stand-up comic, which was odd, but probably the best career for him. Nerón finally asked Flor to marry him and she said yes. Rodrigo and Rafael adopted a boy and girl.

It was a finale that was full of happy endings. This one didn’t become the Shakespearean tragedy that a lot of novelas become at the end. The only thing that could have made this one better was Mauricio getting down on one knee to ask Renée to marry him, but I guess we can assume that’s going to happen.

What did you think of this one?


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