Papá a Toda Madre is a lot of fun

I’ve been watching Papá a Toda Madre for about a month and I’ve really enjoyed seeing Sebastián Rulli play a big kid. Mauricio is not the type of character Rulli usually plays, but he’s been doing a great job.

Papá a Toda Madre is about Mauricio who has run the family toy company into the ground. He tries to marry the daughter of an investor to infuse his company with money, but the wedding is put to an end when a little girl named Anifer shows up in the middle of the ceremony and announces she is Mauricio’s daughter.

Even though Mauricio eventually gets an investor, he’s forced to give up his lavish lifestyle and ends up moving to a neighborhood in which his neighbors are the very people he laid off because his company was bankrupt. Mauricio realizes he can’t take care of Anifer on his own so he asks Renée, one of the people he laid off, to move in with him and help him with Anifer.

Renée is reluctant at first, but soon agrees because she can’t afford the mortgage on her house. In exchange for her help, Mauricio pays for her to go to the engineering school she got into.

While the primary storyline is about Renée and Mauricio, there is a lot more to this novela. Jorge’s storyline that has been the most disturbing to me. He is a lawyer at the toy company and acts like he is religious, but he’s been living a lie. I actually felt bad for him when his wife walked out on him and their kids. Now, he disgusts me because I found out he’s had two families the entire time. How is he going to explain to the kids he’s been living with where the other kids came from? Will he tell them that they are all siblings?

Are you watching Papá a Toda Madre? What do you think so far?



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Tres Veces Ana: Now that’s how a finale is done

It has been a long time since I’ve watched an action-packed finale to a novela. Lately, all of the action has happened before the finale. That was not the case with Tres Veces Ana. Despite what I call creative editing, which made some of the finale feel choppy, Tres Veces Ana delivered a tension filled hour and a half.

I have to start a little before the finale for all of the pieces to make sense. First, I’ll start with Ramiro. Facundo and Valentín kidnapped Ramiro and took him to a remote cabin where they shot him up with drugs so he wouldn’t be able to feel his legs. While he’s tied up, Valentín stands up (yes, he can walk) and confesses that he killed Gina. I have to admit that I didn’t see that one coming.

Ana Laura finds out where Ramiro is and goes into the cabin. She sees him tied up and, instead of trying to untie him right away, she tells him to wake up and then goes on to tell him how much she loves him. Of course, she takes so long that Valentín returns, but not before she pulls the needle out of Ramiro’s back.

Valentín ties up Ana Laura and then leaves again. By this time, Ramiro has feeling back in his legs. Ana Laura frees herself and Ramiro. When Valentín returns, Ramiro attacks him, but Valentín gets the best of him and Ana Laura ends up saving the day by killing Valentín just as the rest of the family shows up to rescue them.

Iñaki tries to kill Ana Lucia, but Marcelo stops him. They fight and Marcelo ends up unconscious. He’s rushed to the hospital where the tumor in his head is finally removed. We say goodbye to the personality switches as Marcelo and Santiago merge, realizing that they need each other.

The finale picks up with everyone returning to the mansion after the whole Valentín ordeal, but Ana Leticia isn’t there because she has gone off the deep end. She kills Claudia after she taunts Ana Leticia with details of her relationship with Mariano. Ana Leticia then runs off with Iñaki, but not before she gets her son. Surprise. Surprise. She never lost the baby.

Ana Laura marries Ramiro and Ana Lucia appears happy with Marcelo, but Marcelo wants his son. Marcelo works with the police to take down Facundo. The police shoot Facundo, but he survives. We don’t see Facundo after that scene, but I assume he went to prison.

A few months go by and Iñaki realizes he’s been wrong. He calls his father for help. Iñaki is arrested and Marcelo gets his son.

Ana Leticia decides to take out her insanity on her family. She kills her grandmother, attempts to kill her aunt, and ties up her sisters. Mariano walks in on this and Ana Leticia has him undress as she tells him how much she loves him and not the way a niece loves an uncle. She makes him get in her car and she thinks that they are off to live happily ever after.

Mariano has other plans. He crashes the car, which leaves him paralyzed from the waist down. Ana Leticia is placed in an insane asylum.

If this one doesn’t clean up at the TVyNovelas Awards, I’ll be stunned. While I lost interest part way through because it seemed to drag at times, the last few weeks were exciting. I also can’t say enough about the performances by Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli. They were excellent. Rulli changed from Marcelo to Santiago easily. One look of his eyes and you knew which one he was. As I’ve said before, Boyer played the three different personalities well. She clearly showed all of their traits.

Did you like Tres Veces Ana?


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My List of the Top Five Hottest Guys on TV in 2014

It’s my last blog post of the year, which means it’s time for my list of the top five hottest guys on television during 2014:

5. Robbie Amell (Ronnie Raymond on The Flash) – This may not be an obvious choice because he’s now become Firestorm and looks like a mess. However, in the flashbacks, we get to see his handsome face and he reminds me a lot of his cousin, Stephen Amell. Those Amells have good genes.

4. Torrance Coombs (Sebastian on Reign) and Ian Somerhaulder (Damon on The Vampire Diaries) – There’s a tie at number 4, which means technically there are six guys on my list this year, but I couldn’t decide between these two guys with their dreamy blue eyes and dark hair. As Sebastian, Coombs continues to protect his brother and everyone in the castle. I find that protective instinct quite attractive.

Ian Somerhaulder as Damon is this year’s bad boy. He can be impulsive and, at times, he makes you want to hate him. Despite that, I’ve always liked Damon and seeing him on the other side with Bonnie this season and how kind he was to her got him on the list this year.

3. Sebastián Rulli (Alejandro Almonte on Lo Que La Vida Me Robó) – I was sad when Lo Que La Vida Me Robó ended because it meant I couldn’t get my daily dose of Sebastián Rulli. I’m hoping he’ll be on another novela soon so I can enjoy more of his chiseled good looks.

2. Colin O’Donoghue (Hook on Once Upon a Time) – Hook used to be my favorite bad boy on television. Lately, he’s been more of a good guy, but he still has his charm, piercing blue eyes, and guyliner, which are a lethal combination. I can’t wait for more of Hook in 2015.

And the guy at number one is:

1. Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen on Arrow) – I could watch Amell do the salmon ladder on Arrow all day. He’s in some serious shape and he plays a badass well. But Amell makes the top of my list for the second year in a row because of his fight scenes. No one on television pulls off a better fight scene than Amell and I think that’s sexy.

Yes, I realize my top three are the same as my 2013 list, but, for me, they are still the hottest guys on television. Maybe my top three will change next year.

Now it’s your turn. Who’s on your list?

My List of the Top Five Hottest Guys on TV in 2013

For my last blog post of the year, I’ve decided to have a little fun. So here’s my list of the top five hottest guys on television during 2013:

5. Wilson Bethel (Wade Kinsella on Hart of Dixie) – As Wade, Bethel portrays a man who doesn’t always make the wisest decisions. But when he takes his shirt off, it’s easy to forget what he’s done wrong. He has some of the best abs on TV.

4. Torrance Coombs (Sebastian on Reign) – With dreamy blue eyes and dark hair, he is one fine-looking man. I’ve been a fan of Coombs since he played the role of Thomas Culpepper on The Tudors. On that show, he lost his head. Let’s hope the same fate doesn’t await him on Reign.

3. Sebastián Rulli (Alejandro Almonte on Lo Que La Vida Me Robó) – This guy has it all – the looks, the body, and great hair. Most times, he can be seen on Lo Que La Vida Me Robó with his shirt halfway unbuttoned. But he doesn’t really need a shirt. He’s so hot that, when he speaks, he makes everything sound sexy.

2. Colin O’Donoghue (Hook on Once Upon a Time) – Hook is my favorite bad boy on television. His charm and piercing blue eyes get me every time. I’m not usually a fan of guyliner, but O’Donoghue pulls it off well.

And the guy at number one is:

1. Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen on Arrow) – The workout scenes are some of my favorites on Arrow. I could watch those scenes over and over again. But Amell is more than just a great body and face. He plays a badass well. I don’t know what it is about a guy who knows how to pull off a fantastic fight scene, but I think it’s sexy and that’s what makes Amell my number one.

Now it’s your turn. Who’s on your list?