Pet Video of the Week: Not the vet!

I’m sure everyone can relate to the poor dogs in this video. No one enjoys going to the doctor, even though it’s a necessity and doctors serve a wonderful purpose.

Many of the clips made me laugh, but my favorite clip is the one in which the dog jumps on his owner’s leg and won’t let go.

Which clip is your favorite?



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2 thoughts on “Pet Video of the Week: Not the vet!

  1. Mary says:

    This is such a cute compilation! I am fortunate that my dog who is now 13 named Cooper doesn’t mind going to the vet at all. He would probably lick the hand of a dog catcher😳. I could watch dog videos like this all day long! Thank you for sharing.

    • Jennifer Britt says:

      You are very lucky. I had a dog a long time ago, before my allergies, and she loved car rides. She’d get into the car and think everything was great until I pulled into the vet’s parking lot. Getting her out of the car was a challenge.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the compilation!

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