Un Camino Hacia el Destino: Luis gets off again, Diego is a psycho, and Amelia and Pedro are in love

I really can’t wait for Luis to get it on Un Camino. I’m sick and tired of watching him get away with everything.

He hit Fernanda with his car and managed to turn it around and bring criminal charges against her. He tried to kill Carlos and was let go on his own recognizance. No further charges were brought against him.

Now, I had to watch a judge declare Luis innocent of attempting to murder Marissa. Nothing sticks to the man. Of course, in this case, he had help from Isabela, who claims to love Carlos but does everything she can to hurt him.

Isabela lied on the stand. She knew Luis took Marissa to the spa hoping to rush the muscular dystrophy along so Marissa would die and he’d get all of Marissa’s money.

For the judge, Isabela’s lies were more believable than Leo’s truthful testimony. He testified to Luis’s true intentions that he planned to kill Marissa and take over the bank.

When the judge announced his ruling, I wanted to wipe that smug expression off of his face. He’s the bad guy, which means he’s going to either die or end up in prison. I’m just wondering which one it will be and what will finally take him down.

Speaking of being taken down, when will the police find Diego? I have to say this is one storyline I didn’t see coming. Diego is a psycho.

Apparently, he stalks young girls, makes them fall in love with him, marries them, and then locks them up so they can’t leave him. The writers showed no indication of this when Diego was introduced. He didn’t seem sinister at all. Now that we are in the final weeks, Diego’s psychotic behavior has come out.

I hope they find Lucero before she either starves to death or Diego finds another way to kill her.

In happier news, not only have Fernanda and Carlos reconciled, but Amelia and Pedro are together. It took 20 years of hate on Amelia’s part and divorce, but somehow Amelia fell in love with Pedro and he was able to forgive Amelia for all of the years of misery she caused.

Did you see the Diego storyline coming? What do you think of Pedro and Amelia’s reunion?

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