Why I Watch Mi Corazón Es Tuyo

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about a novela so I thought I would take this opportunity to write about the one I’m currently watching — Mi Corazón Es Tuyo. The basic storyline is similar to the Sound of Music. Fernando is a widower with seven children. He needs a nanny for his kids who have chased off every nanny he’s hired. Ana walks in and proves to be a formidable opponent for his kids.

They say opposites attract and Ana and Fernando couldn’t be any more different from each other. Ana is bubbly and fun. Fernando is serious and straight-laced. They fall in love, but aren’t happy together yet. They have to deal with Isabela, Enrique, and Diego first.

Isabela only wants Fernando for his money. She seduces him one night and ends up pregnant with Fernando’s child or, at least, that’s what Fernando thinks. Out of obligation, he marries Isabela who thinks she’s won, but she hasn’t because Fernando is still in love with Ana. He eventually divorces Isabela because of his feelings for Ana.

Enrique has been sleeping with Isabela and just about every other woman on Mi Corazón Es Tuyo. Isabela is really pregnant with his child. However, Enrique doesn’t know that because she keeps telling everyone she’s having Fernando’s baby. Enrique also is determined to ruin Fernando’s life because he blames Fernando for his father’s death. So far, he has managed to force Fernando to resign from the company he was president of for years and, when I left off, he was about to kill Fernando’s father.

Diego is the one I feel bad for. He’s in love with Ana and, while Ana has tried to fall for him, she’s still in love with Fernando. She hasn’t admitted to Fernando that she loves him, but she also hasn’t told Diego that she’s in love with him. I’m waiting for her to tell Diego it’s over. I know it’s coming.

The storyline for Mi Corazón Es Tuyo is entertaining. There’s drama and comedy. I love a novela that makes me laugh. The performances by all of the actors are superb, especially Mayrín Villanueva who plays Isabela. Her delivery is spectacular. If you want a novela that’s a ton of fun to watch, I highly recommend Mi Corazón Es Tuyo.

Have you been watching Mi Corazón Es Tuyo? If not, what novela are you watching?

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