Season 19 of Dancing With the Stars Sucks Me in Again

When the Season 19 cast of Dancing With the Stars was revealed, I wasn’t thrilled. In fact, there was only one star I wanted to see dance – Alfonso Ribeiro. I told myself that I wouldn’t watch, but when September 15 came along, I found myself tuning in.

That first night, I was pleasantly surprised. Once again, they found a lot of stars who can dance. The biggest surprise for me that night was Sadie Robertson. She was great on the premiere and continues to surprise me every week. Disco ballNow every Monday, I tune in for my favorite, Alfonso Ribeiro, but I find myself cheering for Sadie too.

Who do I think should win? Although Sadie can dance, Alfonso Ribeiro deserves to win the mirror ball. Not only can he dance, he’s entertaining. Every week, I can’t wait to see what he and Witney have put together.

My favorite Alfonso/Witney dance is their jazz routine in which Alfonso did The Carlton. Everyone had been waiting for it and it was well worth the wait. I also enjoyed the jive they did on the premiere.

I can’t wait to see what they pull off for Dynamic Duo night.

Who is your favorite celebrity on Dancing With the Stars?



4 thoughts on “Season 19 of Dancing With the Stars Sucks Me in Again

  1. Mifflin says:

    I’ve missed the past few seasons of DWTS but like you I was drawn in when I found out that Alfonso would be a contestant and then also fell in love with Sadie, although I do hope Alfonso wins. He seems to possess that “whole package”. I have also been pleasantly surprised by Leah Thompson. All in all I have really enjoyed the season so far.

  2. DMann says:

    I Totally agree with you about Alfonso Ribeiro and Sadie Robertson. I would be happy with either one winning. Leah Thompson was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t know about her dance background, but I knew she had some training. The only complaint I have with DWTS is celebrities who cannot dance and yet remain on the show. I know it goes by votes, but I wish that the fans would vote according to talent not popularity. It isn’t fair for those stars who show promise to be voted off before another celebrity who plainly cannot dance.

    • Joan Whitten says:

      I can’t disagree with your statement about Alfonso Ribeiro. He is excellent. But, I sure like Sadie Robertson. She is good and such a fresh breath of sunshine. For her age and the fact she never danced before I think she did a bang up job.

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