Vino el Amor: It’s love after three weeks

Vino el Amor is my latest novela guilty pleasure. I don’t know where this one is being filmed, but the scenery is gorgeous. It also stars Gabriel Soto as David and Irina Baeva as Luciana. Although Soto is much older than Baeva, they have great chemistry. Of course, I’m convinced that Soto could have on-screen chemistry with a shoebox. He’s just that good. But I should discuss the storyline.

Ten years ago, Luciana’s father, Marcos, worked on David’s vineyard. David’s mother-in-law, Lilian, hated Luciana’s family because she thought Marta, Luciana’s mother, had an affair with her husband. Lilian had Luciana and Marcos deported to Mexico.

Graciela, David’s sister-in-law, has always been in love with David and wants him for herself. In a fit of jealousy, she kills Lisa, her sister and David’s wife, but David thinks it was some freak accident.

Marcos and Luciana build a life for themselves in Mexico until they can apply for visas again and return to the United States. When they finally receive their visas, Marcos dies of a heart attack and Luciana returns to the United States by herself.

Since her return, she and David have primarily argued, but she has also brought David back to life. For two years, he’s ignored his vineyard and family. Luciana has made him return to work and get more involved with his family. It has been a nice transformation.

My only complaint with this novela, and I realize it’s still early, is the writers seem to be rushing the story. After only three weeks, David and Luciana are declaring their love for one another. I prefer a slow build up to this point, but if the writers are able to pull them apart and keep them apart for a little awhile, then it might work.

Do you think it’s too soon for a declaration of love?


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