Vino el Amor: Somehow David and Luciana found love

The finale of Vino el Amor was meant to be two hours, but Univision, once again, decided to show the first hour on Friday, making Monday’s episode dull.

I’ll start with the exciting stuff first. Juan confronted Graciela on the day of the wedding about Perla’s death. Lilian found Juan in Graciela’s room and wanted to know what was going on. Juan told Lilian that Graciela killed Lisa and Perla. Lilian finally realized that she raised a monster after Graciela admitted to killing Lisa because she hated Lilian for always favoring Lisa and, of course, David should have been hers.

Fernanda heard the confession and didn’t take it well. She couldn’t believe what a fool she’d been. Well, neither could the rest of us. Fernanda took off to tell Bobby, and Graciela and Lilian continued to argue. They ended up on the stairs and Lilian pushed Graciela down the stairs and killed her. Graciela was such an awful human being that Lilian could have lied and said Graciela tripped over the dress and fell. No one probably would have questioned it. But Lilian decided to tell the truth. She told David that she couldn’t allow Graciela to marry him so she killed her. David is visibly disgusted by Lilian and Graciela.

While Graciela and Lilian were fighting, David and Juan were fighting and Juan told David everything. He also shot David in the arm before he was arrested.

In hour two, everyone was crying. David was on the floor holding a picture of Lisa and crying about how he blew it with Luciana. He noticed the door knob moving and Luciana walked in. After everything that had happened, David had the nerve to make his plea right then. He told Luciana that he never stopped loving her. Thankfully, Luciana didn’t jump into his arms. She told him everyone needed time to recover from what they had gone through.

Juan and Lilian ended up in prison. Juan was charged with Gutiérrez’s murder and the other inmates made sure he paid for what he did to the immigrants. Lilian had no defense because she admitted to killing Graciela.

There was a montage that showed everyone moving on with their lives, which included Fernanda going to college, Sonia’s book signing, and the opening of a new restaurant. Then, Sonia and León got married. While at the wedding, David made his move again. Luciana didn’t act on it. However, I felt like I was watching an episode of The Bachelorette when she sat on the porch later and reminisced about Miguel and David.

Later, David and Luciana were inexplicably together. They ate breakfast with his children and Marta sat where Lilian used to. They then walked the vineyard and drank their new wine.

I’m glad Luciana and David finally got together because that’s what I was expecting. I wish, however, that the writers didn’t go as far as having David decide to marry Graciela for the sake of his children. They also didn’t do a good job of redeeming him after committing to that storyline. If Juan hadn’t shown up on the wedding day, David would have gone through with the wedding, even though he didn’t love Graciela. I don’t understand how Luciana forgave him and never stopped loving him. Only in a novela, I guess.

I’m also upset that Miguel didn’t end up with anyone. Maybe eventually he’ll fall for Carito. It would have been nice to see some sort of happy ending for Miguel.

What did you think of the finale?


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Vino el Amor: David falls for a monster

grapes-1611089_640I’ve been watching Vino el Amor for months and never thought I’d see the day that David would choose to be with a monster like Graciela. With only about three weeks to go, I’m baffled by what the writers could be thinking. How are David and Luciana going to end up together? We haven’t seen much of David and Luciana together as it is. Are we going to be left with them inexplicably together in the last episode?

I wish David had listened to Juan. He tried to warn David about Graciela and I thought Juan’s warning would be enough to break them up. Unfortunately, David isn’t bright and, even though Graciela squirmed after the confrontation with Juan, David decided to believe Graciela’s story that she had no idea what Juan was talking about. Yes, Juan is evil and I realize he was only trying to crush David by ruining David’s relationship with Graciela, but Juan actually was doing David a favor.

I’m also still disgusted by Fernanda. She’s so easily manipulated. Now, she’s going to ask David if he’s thought about marrying Graciela after Lilian put it in Fernanda’s head. If that’s not bad enough, the previews made me vomit in my mouth as David admitted that he had thought about marrying the witch. I don’t know how David can be redeemed and I’ve already lost all respect for him. It didn’t take long for Graciela to turn his head once he broke up with Luciana for the sake of his children. If he marries Graciela, I don’t see how he and Luciana can realistically end up together with the time left.

The alternative ending, which I’ve been trying not to give too much thought to, is David ends up with no one once he finds out that Graciela killed Lisa and Luciana falls for Miguel. He’s newly single now that Erika died as a result of the chemicals used to kill the plague started by the contaminated roses Juan planted close to the vineyard. It’s possible that Luciana and Miguel could find love, but that would make me completely unhappy after being sold on a David and Luciana love story.

How do you think Vino el Amor will end?


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Vino el Amor: David and Luciana sacrifice for a whiny 18-year old

grapes-1611089_640I’m back. I haven’t been posting as much as usual because I decided to take some time to get started on a new Lincoln Falls novel and the first story in a brand new series, which I hope to release this year. During my break, I’ve kept up with Vino el Amor and I’m disgusted.

I know the Vino el Amor writers had to separate David and Luciana to keep the storyline going, but to separate them because of Fernanda is ridiculous. Fernanda is an 18-year old, but she acts more like a two-year old.

After Fernanda found out about David and Luciana, she threw a fit and turned to her friends who got her drunk and then gave her pills that were supposed to not make her feel sad. Apparently, none of them have heard that you shouldn’t mix pills and alcohol.

Fernanda took the pills and passed out. David found her and she was rushed to the hospital. She recovered after a stay in a hospital that was far longer than any realistic stay in a hospital. In reality, she would have been discharged the following day. Maybe she got a longer stay because David is friends with César.

Since being home, she’s been seeing Dr. Anderson who has convinced her that she really wanted to commit suicide, not that the overdose was accidental. Of course, Dr. Anderson is being paid by Graciela and is manipulating Fernanda.

Fernanda who is completely self-centered keeps telling David that she can’t be happy if David is with Luciana. I have no idea why because she and Luciana were once friends and you would think she’d care somewhat about her father’s feelings, but Fernanda only cares how she feels.

David thought maybe Fernanda was changing because she didn’t freak out when she caught Luciana and David tasting wine together. He was wrong. Her latest bombshell is that she wants David to find love with Graciela. Yes, the kind aunt who has manipulated her and, by the way, killed her mother. I wonder if Fernanda will love her dear aunt when she finds out that her mother is no longer with them because, in a fit of jealousy, Graciela hit Lisa in the head with a rock and then watched her drown in the river.

David’s mouth fell to the floor after Fernanda’s latest request. I can’t wait to find out what his response is. Even though he and Luciana have been on a break, there’s been lots of smooching. I can’t imagine he’s going to drop Luciana to pursue Graciela because that’s what Fernanda wants. Seriously, Fernanda needs to grow up.

What do you think of the latest on Vino el Amor?



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Vino el Amor: Romance is everywhere

Vino el Amor has made me so happy. After months of waiting, David finally came to his senses and told Luciana that he wants to be with her. I’m glad the writers didn’t rush them. It made the last couple of episodes more satisfying.

Of course, now that they are together, the door is open for more exciting things. Luciana has a huge target on her back. Graciela will most likely attempt to kill her. After all, she killed her sister, Lisa, because she wanted David for herself. As far as Graciela is concerned, no one will stand in her way when it comes to David.

While that storyline is heating up, I’m also glad to see more focus on Sonia and León. I still haven’t figured the two of them out, but I laugh every time I see them together. I wonder if Sonia will stop acting like she’s in a romance novel. León seems to like it, which amazes me because he pined for Carito for so long and, while she’s crazy, it’s in a different way than Sonia. I love this storyline though because it gives Vino el Amor some comic relief.

The other couple I like is Erika and Miguel. Miguel appears to be finally moving on, even if it is at a snail’s pace. Unlike Luciana, Erika really likes him. He continues to remind me of José Luis from Lo Que La Vida Me Robó. José Luis was with someone else for awhile, but he never got over Montserrat. I hope I’m wrong about Miguel.

What do you think of all the romance on Vino el Amor?



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Vino el Amor: León likes weird

Vino el Amor is giving us the typical drama between the main couple — David and Luciana. Thankfully, the writers have managed to keep them apart, even though their attraction is undeniable.

Because Luciana and David are pretty much in limbo, this week’s blog focuses on a couple that has been providing a lot of laughs — León and Sonia. After getting his heart broken by Carito, León sets his sights on Sonia. He notices her at the party for the introduction of the new wine produced by the vineyard. He compliments her and Sonia seems to welcome his attention, even though she throws herself at David less than five minutes later.

They have now been on a couple of dates and Sonia has drunk quite a bit of alcohol on the dates.  León suggests a date in which they don’t drink after she gives him a gift. The gift is a shirt she stole from David’s closet. She also sprayed his cologne all over it. León doesn’t seem to notice the cologne when he accepts the shirt.

He wears the shirt on the date and Sonia is disturbed at the fit of the shirt. She tells him if he exercises and eats a little more, he’ll fill out the shirt. The conversation makes León uncomfortable, but he changes the subject and goes with the flow. Then, the unbelievable happens. Sonia shows León the book she’s reading and he’s reading the same book on his cell phone. It’s a true bonding moment.

León thinks Sonia is strange, but nice. I think Sonia likes León too, but I haven’t figured out if she’s psycho or if she will eventually snap out of her obsession with David. I hope it’s the latter because I really like them together.

How do you feel about León and Sonia?



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Vino el Amor: Luciana finds happiness with Miguel?

Three weeks in and it appeared Luciana and David on Vino el Amor were already in love. Then, David chose his family over his happiness and Luciana decided not to fight for him. She realized family always comes first.

Luciana tried to get away from David and his family by taking a job at another vineyard. The new job didn’t last long because Luciana’s family needed her after Juan ordered a pesticide that made everyone sick. In fact, Marta got so sick that she ended up in the hospital.

By the way, Juan is still at the vineyard because David forgave him, even though Juan poisoned the employees and tried to kill the vineyard. I know Juan will get it in the end, but for now nothing seems to be sticking to him.

But I digress. Since returning to the vineyard, Luciana decided to give Miguel another chance. David is unhappy about this. His jealousy is palpable. He confronted Luciana about it and, of course, she got mad and said she deserves some happiness and a chance at a family of her own. After all, David has that. I agree with her, but I can’t help but feel that she’s playing with Miguel’s feelings. This reminds me a lot of the José Luis – Montserrat – Alejandro triangle in Lo que la Vida me Robó. That triangle didn’t work out well for José Luis and I don’t think this one will work out well for Miguel. I wish Miguel would find someone else, but I wonder if his fate will be the same as José Luis’s, which would be tragic.

Now, I have one rant for this week. Why are Susan and Tano together? Yes, I realize they argued and aren’t together at the moment, but I don’t expect that to last long. They will be back together soon. My biggest issue is that Tano just seems clueless about everything. The argument he had with Susan is proof of that. She’s going through a divorce and he announces to her soon-to-be ex-husband that she’s already with someone else. This is bad. Her ex is already going after the house she gave him money for and all Tano did was give the ex a reason to argue that Susan doesn’t need the house or his support because she already has someone else to take care of her. Frankly, Susan can do a lot better than Tano. To the writers, please give Susan another love interest.

What do you think of Luciana and Miguel? Susan and Tano?


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Vino el Amor: It’s love after three weeks

Vino el Amor is my latest novela guilty pleasure. I don’t know where this one is being filmed, but the scenery is gorgeous. It also stars Gabriel Soto as David and Irina Baeva as Luciana. Although Soto is much older than Baeva, they have great chemistry. Of course, I’m convinced that Soto could have on-screen chemistry with a shoebox. He’s just that good. But I should discuss the storyline.

Ten years ago, Luciana’s father, Marcos, worked on David’s vineyard. David’s mother-in-law, Lilian, hated Luciana’s family because she thought Marta, Luciana’s mother, had an affair with her husband. Lilian had Luciana and Marcos deported to Mexico.

Graciela, David’s sister-in-law, has always been in love with David and wants him for herself. In a fit of jealousy, she kills Lisa, her sister and David’s wife, but David thinks it was some freak accident.

Marcos and Luciana build a life for themselves in Mexico until they can apply for visas again and return to the United States. When they finally receive their visas, Marcos dies of a heart attack and Luciana returns to the United States by herself.

Since her return, she and David have primarily argued, but she has also brought David back to life. For two years, he’s ignored his vineyard and family. Luciana has made him return to work and get more involved with his family. It has been a nice transformation.

My only complaint with this novela, and I realize it’s still early, is the writers seem to be rushing the story. After only three weeks, David and Luciana are declaring their love for one another. I prefer a slow build up to this point, but if the writers are able to pull them apart and keep them apart for a little awhile, then it might work.

Do you think it’s too soon for a declaration of love?


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