Un Camino Hacia el Destino: Amelia is repentant

On Un Camino Hacia el Destino, I’ve watched Amelia treat Pedro and Fernanda awful. She missed Fer’s graduation because she said she had too much work to do. When she was in the car accident and couldn’t walk, she told Pedro and Fer that they were dead to her.

She left both of them and moved back into her childhood home without telling Fer or Pedro where she was going. Fer discovered where Amelia was only because she started working for Don Fernando and ran into Amelia at the house.

Now, Amelia is sorry for everything she’s ever said and done. When did Amelia change? When she thought Pedro and Fernanda died in the fire that destroyed their house. After that, she suddenly was sorry for how she had treated Pedro and Fer.

When she discovered Fer was alive, Amelia tried talking to Fer. She apologized and asked Fer to forgive her. Not surprisingly, Fer has told Amelia on more than one occasion that she wants nothing to do with Amelia or her family.

Amelia then went to visit Pedro at the clinic and was upset when Pedro wouldn’t see her. Apparently, after pining away for Louis, she’s figured out that he’s a scumbag and Pedro is the best man she’s ever known.

On just about every episode, she cries over losing Pedro and Fer. Too bad she didn’t realize what she had for all those years. She’s going to need a miracle for Pedro and Fer to forgive her. Frankly, Amelia deserves everything she’s getting. I know the writers are trying to redeem her, which means at some point she will be forgiven, but I’m enjoying watching her be tortured for now.

When Pedro forgives Amelia, I hope he doesn’t take her back. I’d much rather see Pedro end up with Marissa if she ever gets away from Louis the scumbag.

What do you think of Amelia’s redemption?


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