Un Camino Hacia el Destino: Amelia is repentant

On Un Camino Hacia el Destino, I’ve watched Amelia treat Pedro and Fernanda awful. She missed Fer’s graduation because she said she had too much work to do. When she was in the car accident and couldn’t walk, she told Pedro and Fer that they were dead to her.

She left both of them and moved back into her childhood home without telling Fer or Pedro where she was going. Fer discovered where Amelia was only because she started working for Don Fernando and ran into Amelia at the house.

Now, Amelia is sorry for everything she’s ever said and done. When did Amelia change? When she thought Pedro and Fernanda died in the fire that destroyed their house. After that, she suddenly was sorry for how she had treated Pedro and Fer.

When she discovered Fer was alive, Amelia tried talking to Fer. She apologized and asked Fer to forgive her. Not surprisingly, Fer has told Amelia on more than one occasion that she wants nothing to do with Amelia or her family.

Amelia then went to visit Pedro at the clinic and was upset when Pedro wouldn’t see her. Apparently, after pining away for Louis, she’s figured out that he’s a scumbag and Pedro is the best man she’s ever known.

On just about every episode, she cries over losing Pedro and Fer. Too bad she didn’t realize what she had for all those years. She’s going to need a miracle for Pedro and Fer to forgive her. Frankly, Amelia deserves everything she’s getting. I know the writers are trying to redeem her, which means at some point she will be forgiven, but I’m enjoying watching her be tortured for now.

When Pedro forgives Amelia, I hope he doesn’t take her back. I’d much rather see Pedro end up with Marissa if she ever gets away from Louis the scumbag.

What do you think of Amelia’s redemption?


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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse goes out in style

file000615249052I wish I could say that the gran final of Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse was exciting, but it wasn’t. All of the excitement took place in the previous episode, making the gran final pretty uneventful.

Going into the gran final, we knew Osvaldo had died and saved Gianna’s life in the process. It was one of the most touching moments and, even though I saw it coming, I still cried for Osvaldo. I think this should have been written into the gran final because it would have made it more interesting to watch.

Despite the lack of excitement, we got lots of beautiful views to look at. The majority of the gran final took place in Italy, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Why Italy? Because Santino decided Fiorella and Pedro had to have a big Italian wedding, even though they were already married.

Unfortunately, everyone couldn’t travel to Italy for a variety of reasons. As a result, many of the characters we had come to love were absent for much of the gran final.

After the wedding, it seemed everyone was moving to Italy. Pedro and Fiorella had decided to make their home in Italy. Santino and Julieta announced that they were moving to Italy to be closer to Fiorella and Pedro, and Gianna and Gael said they were going to medical school in Italy and would return to Mexico for their last semester.

The gran final then jumped several years ahead and we were left with Eloisa summarizing what happened to everyone. Sonia was shown teaching her son piano and looking at a picture of her and Osvaldo. Sergio and Pilar were running A Corp, and Gael and Gianna became pediatricians. Roxie and Benino had a daughter and seemed to be happy. Fiorella and Pedro stayed in Italy and had a daughter.

It wasn’t the best gran final, but it was nice to see almost everyone have a happy ending and I can’t really complain about the filming in Italy.

What did you think of the gran final?

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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse: Is it wrong that I feel bad for Osvaldo?

Since the beginning of Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse, Osvaldo has been evil. He’s plotted against Pedro to take over A Corp. He’s had numerous affairs, including with Aitana. Ew! He even kidnapped Fiorella.

Oddly enough, kidnapping Fiorella ended up being a good thing because that’s what changed him. Fiorella told Osvaldo that Sonia was pregnant and his child would grow up without a father if he killed Fiorella. She also said that she knew his child would grow up and be proud of him and that she would cover for him if he did the right thing. He did and boy did Fiorella tell a tall tale. When the police showed up, she told everyone that Osvaldo was there to rescue her.

Fiorella’s faith in him completely changed Osvaldo. Maybe a little faith is what he needed all along. He’s thrilled about his child and he’s supportive of Sonia’s singing career. He’s also helping Pedro save A Corp. from Federica. It’s been nice to see this side of Osvaldo.

Unfortunately for Osvaldo, bad guys in novelas always have tragic endings. I can’t help but think Osvaldo has changed so when he dies viewers will be sad and might shed a tear or two for him. I might be one of them.

What do you think of the changed Osvaldo? Will he meet a tragic end?

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Muchacha Italiana Viene Casarse: Fiorella has a target on her back

It has taken months and many episodes of Muchacha Italiana, but Eloísa has finally come to her senses and accepted Fiorella into the Ángeles family. With most of them being crazy, it’s not a family I would want to be a part of, but Fiorella and Pedro are happy about it.

Unfortunately for Fiorella, no one else in the Ángeles family is happy about their marriage and they want her dead. As in every novela, the heroine has to be in grave danger and, whether Fiorella realizes it, she has been in danger many times.

Aitana attempted to kill her — remember the sauna — and I think she’ll try again. When Eloísa announced that Fiorella would inherit her entire estate, everyone, except Sergio and Julieta, began planning Fiorella’s death.

Now, it appears Osvaldo and Federica are planning Fiorella’s murder because they believe she’s pregnant and, if she has a baby, then they will lose some of their inheritance. We know they won’t succeed, but it adds a bit of suspense to a novela that has had a couple in love for a rather long time.

Pedro and Fiorella almost instantly fell in love. I would have enjoyed more push and pull, which is why I like these turn of events. Besides, Osvaldo is at his best when he’s scheming against someone. I need something to keep my interest and Diana and Vittorio haven’t been cutting it.

What do you think of the latest on Muchacha Italiana?

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Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse: My latest guilty pleasure

I admit Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse is not the best written novela. There have been better – Lo Que La Vida Me Robó and Amor Bravío. When a hero declares his love within the first two weeks of a novela, it never bodes well and that’s exactly what happened in Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse.

After bumping into Fiorella and having a couple of confrontations with her, Pedro tells Fiorella that he loves her. Since then, I’ve been subjected to their on-again, off-again relationship. They are currently off after Pedro nearly killed Benito and Fiorella believes Pedro acted out of jealousy. It’s ridiculous, but I can’t resist watching it.

I’ve never been a huge fan of José Ron, but he and Livia Brito have chemistry that is through the roof. Even when they are arguing and I’m yelling for Fiorella to give Pedro the boot, a part of me is wishing he’d just grab her and kiss her. I foresee a lot more yelling until they figure out they can’t live without each other, but watching them play opposite each other on the screen will make it all worth it.

Besides Pedro and Fiorella, there’s Gianna and Gael. I’ve been rooting for them and they are finally together. Gael has his stupid jealous moments, like all of the other men in his family, but overall he’s the nicest one.

I’m also pulling for Roxie and Benito. I realize they are an unlikely couple. Roxie is a major brat and Benito can’t decide who he’s in love with. Despite that, they seem to be coming together. Roxie seemed genuinely worried about Benito after the accident and I think Benito really likes Roxie, even though he has a hard time admitting it. He certainly likes kissing her.

If Eloísa stays out of everyone’s business, these couples might stand a chance.

Are you watching Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse? If so, which couple are you cheering for?

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