Why You Should Be Watching America’s Got Talent

I haven’t always been a fan of America’s Got Talent. In fact, I didn’t start seriously watching until Howard Stern joined the judging panel — not because I like Howard Stern, because I don’t, but on the rare occasions I sat down to watch in the past I thought Piers Morgan put acts through that weren’t worthy. As much as I like Howie Mandel, I think he tends to do the same thing. Howard Stern seems to recognize talent, especially when it comes to musical acts.

I loved Sharon Osbourne and, when she left, I didn’t think anyone could replace her. Then they brought on Mel B and Heidi Klum. Like Howard Stern, I think they are able to fairly evaluate the acts that audition.

Do some acts get through that make me wonder what they are thinking? Yes, like all talent shows, acts that don’t deserve to make it, somehow do. I’ve seen acts go through when it’s obvious an entire show could never be created from that act. In a lot of those cases, I think the judges are trying to give the acts the benefit of the doubt to see if they can come up with anything else. Eventually, it becomes obvious that they can’t.

Overall, if you’re looking for something fun to watch during the summer,  America’s Got Talent is the show for you. It is the best summer variety show on television and showcases some of the best talent America has to offer. If you want to laugh, it has comedians. Do you like dancing? Every year, it has some amazing dance acts. If you like music, it offers some of the best singers and bands in different genres of music. The judges also seem to find the odd, but entertaining acts, that you won’t see anywhere else.

If you currently watch  America’s Got Talent, what is you favorite part of the show? If you’re not watching, will you start?

One thought on “Why You Should Be Watching America’s Got Talent

  1. Diane Mann says:

    I stopped watching “America’s Got Talent” 2 yrs ago because I thought it was very unfair. I love children, who are talented, but, come on, most of the acts were not. They got in because they were cute. Cute is not talent! Of course, I do think there should be a minimum age requirement. Children cannot go on to play in a nightclub. This prevents real adult acts from going on. So many of these type of shows are more about popularity than talent. I can’t believe how many times I watched acts win, who I thought were not as good as the ones that were disqualified.

    However, after having read your article, I will give it another try. There isn’t much on TV right now anyway!

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