A Recap of My Favorite Finales

It’s that time of year when we say goodbye to our favorite TV shows until the next season. I watch quite a few shows, but three finales stuck out to me – Once Upon a Time, Arrow, and Hart of Dixie.

Once Upon a Time

The Once Upon a Time finale took us back in time with Hook and Emma. They were sucked into the portal that opened when Zelena died.

We got to see Emma dressed as a princess and Hook dressed as a dashing prince as they tried to get Charming and Snow together after they inadvertently changed history. What followed was a sweet story in which Emma watched her parents fall in love and realized how much she wanted to be with them in Storybrooke.

When Emma and Hook finally returned to Storybrooke, Emma thanked Hook for coming after her in New York and standing by her. He then admitted that he had given up the Jolly Roger for her. I had wondered what it would take for Emma to see that Hook was worthy of her attention. The Jolly Roger did it and Emma finally kissed Hook, which I had been waiting for all season.

Of course, poor Regina couldn’t get her happy ending with Robin. Emma took someone back from the past. That someone was Marian. Robin saw Marian and quickly forgot about Regina.

At the end, we got a hint at what next season will be about and it looks like Elsa might freeze all of Storybrooke.


Arrow delivered the epic battle between Oliver and Slade. The big question of the night was whether Oliver would kill Slade or find a way to defeat him without killing him. Oliver didn’t kill him.

In a plot twist, Oliver admitted to Felicity that he loved her. I, like everyone else, was singing hallelujah. It was the moment I had been waiting for since Felicity first appeared on the show. Later, that moment was ruined when we learned that it was all part of Oliver’s elaborate plot to take out Slade.

In that touching moment between Felicity and Oliver, he secretly handed Felicity the cure to the Mirakuru. Oliver knew Slade would be watching and would kidnap Felicity once he found out that Oliver loved her. Slade was so distracted that he didn’t notice Felicity had the syringe. She stabbed him with it and evened the odds between Slade and Oliver.

The final battle was spectacular, which I’ve come to expect from Arrow, and Oliver won, putting an end to Slade for now. Because Slade didn’t die, there’s always the chance that he could return.

Other highlights from the Arrow finale include Thea leaving Starling City and going off with Malcolm Merlyn, which leaves the door open for Roy to don the red mask and become Arsenal. Sara went back to the League, but gave her black leather jacket to Laurel. Did Sara pass the torch to Laurel? Will Laurel become the Black Canary?

Also, it appears Oliver first met Amanda Waller after he left the island, following his first battle with Slade. What did Oliver do for ARGUS? I guess we’ll have to wait until next season to find out.

Hart of Dixie

While I enjoyed both Once Upon a Time and Arrow, the Hart of Dixie finale had the most jaw-dropping moments. This was the episode of the hiccups because Zoe, Annabeth, and Crickett all had something important to say, but they couldn’t say it.

The backdrop for this episode was three weddings – Lily Anne and Meatball, Sylvia and Brando, and Crickett and Stanley. Lily Anne and Meatball chose to get married at the Rammer Jammer after Fancie’s burned down. They seemed happy until Lily Anne started listing every guy she’d ever been with in a crazy song she wrote for the wedding. They broke up, but the fun didn’t end there. Zoe took to the stage and told Wade that she loved him in front of everyone. I was ecstatic until Wade walked away without saying a word.

Crickett and Stanley were supposed to renew their wedding vows, but something was bothering Crickett. She stopped the wedding and told everyone that she’s gay. This was the biggest jaw-dropping moment of the episode. I didn’t see this one coming.

Soon after that, Annabeth told Davis that she couldn’t marry him because she was in love with someone else. I assumed she meant Lavon and I thought Lavon felt the same way until the road trip with Don Todd, George and Lavon’s idol. Don Todd went to tell his ex-wife that he still had feelings for her only to discover that she had moved on. George and Lavon realized they had to go after the women they loved before it was too late.

George went after Lemon who was boarding the Belles and Bachelors cruise. He got there too late. I thought it would then flash to Annabeth and Lavon. Instead, the crowd at the terminal parted and there was Lavon. That’s right. Lavon is still in love with Lemon.

Wade later showed up at Brando and Sylvia’s wedding. He gave up on the Rammer Jammer franchise. He told Zoe not to read too much into his staying, but Zoe told him she wasn’t giving up and neither am I.

What was your favorite season finale?


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