Felicity Smoak: The Heart of Oliver Queen’s Operation

From the moment Felicity Smoak joins Oliver Queen’s mission on Arrow, it becomes apparent that he needs more than her intelligence. He needs her compassion. She becomes the heart of his operation.

She doesn’t want to see innocent people get hurt. Oliver can be quite intimidating, but Felicity doesn’t cower from him. She stands up to him and voices her opinion when she thinks Oliver is wrong. Besides being vocal, she takes action. She once attempted to keep Oliver from going on a mission when she discovered that his target was the widowed father of a ten-year old boy. Oliver went on his mission anyway, but she got her point across and told him that he could do some real good beyond recovering people’s money.

When Diggle walked out after Oliver failed to show up to help him take out Deadshot, Felicity told Oliver that he was wrong and needed to apologize to Diggle. While Oliver didn’t apologize right away, she planted the seed and, by the end of that episode, Oliver visited Diggle and apologized.

Felicty manages to take their relationship beyond the initial business arrangement in which she helped Oliver with tasks that he couldn’t do on his own. She gets Oliver to trust her and, despite their differences in opinion, they eventually bond and forge a friendship.

Felicty Smoak is the most important woman in Oliver’s life. Oliver struggles with his past and with who he has become post-island. Felicity is the only woman who knows the true Oliver and accepts all of him. Perhaps, it will be through this relationship that Oliver will finally be able to accept himself and see what Felicity sees — that he is a hero.

I can’t wait to see what the writers do with Felicity Smoak’s character next season.

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