Brenda Bartolomeo Talks About the Bachelorette Premiere

This week I’ve invited Brenda Bartolomeo from Betting Brenda, my upcoming novel, to tell us what she thought about The Bachelorette premiere.

JB: Brenda, thanks for taking the time to sit down with me. I know you’ve been busy since Man of Your Dreams.

Brenda: It’s been a whirlwind, but as you know, I love dating shows and Desiree is my favorite from Sean’s season. I’m so glad she was picked for The Bachelorette. She deserves her happy ending.

JB: Unfortunately, it looks like Desiree isn’t going to have many guys to choose from. What did you think of the guys?

Brenda: There were too many gimmicks. Couldn’t they have introduced themselves and left it at that?

JB: Which gimmick did you like the least?

Brenda: That’s an easy one. There were two that I really didn’t like. The fantasy suite guy was awful. I can’t believe he gave Desiree a room key and then kept trying to get her to go to his fantasy suite. He was creepy. I love the fact that she let him go before the rose ceremony. She showed him and all of the other guys exactly how she expects to be treated. The other one was Zak W. showing up shirtless. Desiree seemed to like it, but he came across as conceited to me. Did you see his video introduction?

JB: I did.

Brenda: It was ridiculous. I can’t believe he had the nerve to appear naked on camera.

JB: You mentioned my favorite moment of the show, which was when the fantasy suite guy was sent packing. What was your favorite moment?

Brenda: Brody. He was so adorable. My heart melted just like Desiree’s. I don’t know how real his father is and, from the preview of the rest of the season, it looks like he might not be as nice as he initially seemed, but I loved Brody.

JB: Speaking of the preview, did anything surprise you?

Brenda: The number of clips showing the men crying. I didn’t expect to see so many man tears.

JB: What about the fighting?

Brenda: I think that’s pretty typical. In fact, I’d be surprised if the guys didn’t fight. It makes the show more exciting to watch.

JB: Based on what you saw, who would you pick for Desiree?

Brenda: Hmmm…that’s a hard one because it’s so early in the season. Maybe Drew because he’s cute and seems so sweet.

JB: I can see that. I’d love to have you back later in the season to get your pick then.

Brenda: I’ll definitely come back.

JB: Great. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Brenda: Thanks for having me.

JB: Check out Brenda’s story in Betting Brenda, coming soon.

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