The Best Intentions

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The Best Intentions

 A Lincoln Falls Novella

Stacia Pulaski wants nothing more than to visit with her aunt and leave Lincoln Falls. It sounds simple enough, but for Stacia nothing has ever been easy. Her car breaks down in the rain, she gets groped by a dog, and she runs into an old friend who quickly complicates her life, and that’s only the first day. Every day that goes by seems to create another dilemma for her and, before she knows it, her old friend is asking for more than what she ever thought she’d be willing to give.

When Stacia shows up on Will Banks’s doorstep, he is stunned to see her and can’t believe the woman standing before him is the same girl he spent every summer with. Soon, he discovers his feelings may go deeper than friendship and he can’t let her disappear from his life again. With the help of her aunt and a couple of dogs, he just might convince Stacia to stay in Lincoln Falls and take a chance on him.

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