The Best Gift of All

Best Gift of All - High Resolution

The Best Gift of All

A Lincoln Falls Novella

Christmas is rushing toward Robin Taylor faster than a freight train. For Robin, Christmas is a reminder that a new year is about to begin and she still hasn’t met her one true love. Taking her friend’s advice, she decides to have a one-night stand, only to be mortified when the guy says no.

Ty Flynn, an ex-Army Ranger, moves to Lincoln Falls, looking for a new beginning. That new beginning doesn’t include a woman. When a cute redhead propositions him at a bar, his instinct tells him to run, but he can’t seem to escape from Robin. She’s gentle and kind and he knows he doesn’t deserve her.

As they grow closer together, Ty discovers that they have something in common – fear. Ty fears himself and Robin dreads failure. Just when they find love, will they allow those fears to tear them apart?


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