Arrow gets a new team and new life

I was wondering what Arrow’s writers were thinking at the end of last season when they broke up the entire team. I thought it was temporary and everyone would return to the team this season, but I was wrong. Instead, the writers gave Oliver a new team and Arrow a new life. Some might argue Arrow has jumped the shark. But I think the writers were smart. A new team means new storylines to explore.

As we know from watching Arrow, Oliver doesn’t trust easily. Last week’s episode was about Oliver learning to trust his new team and Rene, aka Wild Dog, nearly blew it with Oliver.

After Oliver tells everyone to sit tight while he tracks down who is making a new drug called Stardust, Rene goes out with Evelyn, the new Black Canary, and finds Derek Sampson’s operation. A fight breaks out and Sampson falls into a vat and supposedly to his death. Oliver finds out what happened from the new district attorney who had hoped to track down the Stardust supplier through Sampson. Oliver tells Rene that he blew everything and ends up having a conversation with Felicity, which makes him realize that Rene wasn’t the only one who was wrong. Oliver should have trusted Rene’s instincts because they were correct.

Sampson didn’t die from the fall and whatever was in the vat gave him super strength and the inability to feel pain. Oliver takes his team with him to take on Sampson. After they defeat Sampson together, Oliver welcomes them to his lair. The new team had a look of awe on their faces as they looked at the costume cases.

Overall, it was good episode. I enjoyed watching the new team come together. I’m also glad Diggle is still part of the show. I’m hoping this means that he’ll be back on the team. I guess we’ll know more after this week’s episode when the team tries to break Diggle out of prison. So far, season 5 is shaping up to be a great season.

Do you like the new team?


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The Flash stretches the imagination

I haven’t written about The Flash, but the storyline lately has compelled me to write about it now.

This season has been about Earth 1 and Earth 2 and time travel. It took a lot for me to buy into the multiple Earths concept, but I eventually went with it and tried to enjoy the story. Then Zoom killed Jay and we found out Zoom is Jay. The obvious question: If Zoom is Jay, how did he kill Jay? This is the part I find hard to believe.

Zoom explains that he found a time remnant of himself and convinced that time remnant to allow Zoom to murder him. Seriously? If Earth 1 and 2 weren’t enough, now I have to deal with a time remnant.

The writers then want me to imagine a world in which the Flash would give his speed to Zoom to save Wally. Everyone knows this would never happen because Zoom would only use that speed for bad.

I’ve liked this show since it started, but now I’m frustrated. The Flash no longer has his speed and Zoom has decided to take over both Earth 1 and 2. I know the Flash will get his speed back, and maybe having him try to get his speed back is supposed to make the show more exciting, but for me it’s tedious.

I wish the Flash could go back to fighting metahumans and we could forget all about time remnants, as well as Earth 1 and 2.

Do you like the direction The Flash has gone in this season?

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Daredevil: A new TV show for me to watch

I know I watch too much TV already and certainly don’t need to start watching yet another TV show, but I’ve discovered a new show and love it — Daredevil.

It’s a fantastic show and Matt Murdock is the first character I’ve found since Oliver Queen that has awesome fighting skills. Yes, I love superhero TV shows and movies. I guess it’s no surprise that I also love Daredevil.

Daredevil tells the story of Matt Murdock who went blind when he was a kid after having hazardous waste spill into his eyes. When he grows up, he becomes a lawyer (another reason I love this character). But that’s just his day job. At night, he dresses in black, dons a mask, and fights crime in Hell’s Kitchen.

It’s dark and there’s some violence, but it’s entertaining. I have no doubt that this show will help my writing, especially action scenes, or at least, that’s how I’m justifying watching it.

Are you watching Daredevil?

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The Bachelorette Is Full of Laughs

I swore that I wouldn’t watch this season of The Bachelorette, but a friend of mine said I was missing out and I had to watch. Luckily, I had the episodes I missed on DVR because my friend was right. This season of The Bachelorette has been so much fun.

Apparently, Kaitlyn wants the guys to fight for her. The first group date required the guys to box each other. Kaitlyn thought the date would be fun. She didn’t want anyone to get hurt. Then why did she have them box? Someone was bound to get hurt and, in the end, that someone was Jared who I believe ended up with a concussion.

In the last episode, the guys learned to sumo wrestle. Watching the guys wrestle was hilarious. One guy had his private parts hanging out the entire time. At one point, everyone laughed at him and still he didn’t try to adjust himself.

In the midst of all of the fighting, which has occurred even outside of the dates, we have an alleged bromance going on between JJ and Clint. To me, it looks like the producers made this bigger than it was. It seems somewhat one-sided. Clint has said that he loves JJ, but there haven’t been any clips of JJ saying how he feels about Clint. I guess we’ll find out the truth tonight, but I’m having a hard time believing that this is real.

Overall, The Bachelorette has made for some entertaining summer TV. This is the best season they’ve had in a long time.

Are you watching The Bachelorette? What has been your favorite moment?

Season Finale Recaps: Once Upon a Time and Arrow [Spoiler Alert]

Once Upon a Time and Arrow are two of my favorite shows, but one ended stronger than the other. I’ll start with Once Upon a Time because that one I found to be aggravating.

The focus for the second half of this season has been on keeping Emma from going dark. Everyone acted as though Emma was pure of heart, which all you have to do is look at her past to see she has a dark side. Granted, she’s turned her life around, but still she angers easily and isn’t trusting.

Before the finale, we saw Emma successfully fight off going dark. She wouldn’t let Gold win. Here comes the annoying part. In the end, he did.

I’ll skip the first half of the finale. While entertaining, the only major thing to come out of it is that Henry is now the author.

In the second half, Belle finds out the darkness is completely taking over Gold. She gets help and the wizard takes the darkness out of Gold and puts it into the hat. But it is too much darkness for the hat to hold. The darkness escapes and eventually surrounds Regina. I thought for sure Regina was going bad again. A bad Regina is so much fun.

But would I get my bad Regina back for next season? No. Emma, ever the hero, saves Regina by sticking the dagger into the darkness and allowing it to claim her. Emma is now the Dark One.

After wasting half of a season on keeping Emma light, she ends up dark anyway. I’m annoyed and wonder how long I’m going to have to watch Emma as the Dark One. I hope it’s only for the first half of the next season.

Now, it’s time to discuss Arrow, which was awesome. Oliver’s plan to take out the virus and Ra’s al Ghul before getting to Starling City fails. He returns to his lair with Nyssa where he’s greeted by an angry Diggle and Felicity.

Despite the anger, they all work together to come up with a plan to stop Ra’s before he can release the virus. Unfortunately, the plan fails, but it leaves a clue as to the next season’s villain — Damien Darhk, a former member of the League of Assassins.

Malcolm and company are able to contain the virus threat and Oliver has a final battle with Ra’s. Oliver beats Ra’s only to be shot by the police. He goes over the bridge and Felicity, in Ray’s Atom suit, flies in and saves him.

The last few minutes gave us a new hero and a new Ra’s. Thea becomes known as Speedy. I love that she is part of the team keeping Starling City safe.

As part of an agreement with Malcolm, Oliver gives Malcolm the Ra’s ring, making Malcolm the head of the League of Assassins. I figure nothing good can come of that.

It looks like Diggle will have a costume next season and Ray will be getting his own show, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Also, we finally have Olicity. Oliver gave up the Arrow to drive off into the sunset with Felicity. I don’t expect his retirement to last, but it’s nice to see Felicity and Oliver together for now.

What did you think of these finales?