A new year and a new book

I blogged about Memories of You months ago. I wrote “The End” and then decided to take a break to release a Lincoln Falls Christmas novella, The Best Gift of All.

The new year brings me back to Memories of You. I’m currently editing it and hope to announce a release date soon.

Memories of You is the fourth book in my Lincoln Falls series and tells the story of Lissa de la Fuente and Zach Brody. I hinted at their relationship in Finding the Dream.

In Memories of You, Zach is back for Stacia and Will’s wedding. While Zach is thrilled to see Lissa again, returning to Lincoln Falls means dealing with his abusive, alcoholic father who he hoped to never see again.

Lissa is still bitter over their breakup and seeing Zach dredges up the pain from when he left sixteen years ago. She tries to avoid Zach, but Lincoln Falls is a small town, making it difficult to avoid anyone.

Will they be able to get past all of their memories to have a future together? To find out, you’ll have to read it when it’s released.

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Other books in the Lincoln Falls series: The Best Intentions, Finding the Dream, The Best Gift of All.

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