My TV Shows Are Coming Back


I love the fall. The weather gets cooler,the leaves change color, and best of all, my shows return.  If you follow my blog, you know I watch a lot of TV. Here are some of the returning shows I’m looking forward to:


  • Once Upon a Time – Will Storybrooke be completely frozen?
  • Arrow – Will Olicity finally happen?
  • The Vampire Diaries – What happened to Bonnie and Damon after the bright light?
  • Reign – What will happen between Mary and Francis now that he knows that Lola is having his baby?
  • Hart of Dixie – Will we see a Zoey and Wade reunion?
  • The 100 – Will Finn and Bellamy miraculously survive and return for Season 2?
  • The Goldbergs – What great 1980s’ moments will we get to relive?

As is the case every TV season, there are a lot of new shows premiering. Of all the new shows, I’m most looking forward to The Flash and Gotham. I have high hopes for both shows and hope I’m not let down.

What shows are you looking forward to?

A Jaw-Dropping Season Finale for The 100

The 100 has had surprises throughout the season, but nothing compared to its jaw-dropping season finale.

The finale opened with Clarke and Bellamy deciding on whether to abandon their camp before the Grounders attack. Eventually, they decide to leave as Lincoln had suggested, but they are too late. On their way to the beach, they are attacked and they decide to go back to their camp.

They develop a new plan that involves using the fuel Raven found under the drop ship. The idea is to ignite the fuel to make the drop ship launch and burn everything nearby. Thanks to Murphy, Raven is too injured to do the work required to launch the ship so Raven directs Clarke and later Jasper on how to connect the wires.

While all of this is going on, Finn leaves the camp in search of coagulation medicine to slow down Raven’s bleeding. When he gets to Lincoln’s cave, he finds Lincoln there. Lincoln insists on going back to the camp with Finn because he is worried about Octavia. Finn then notices one of Lincoln’s pictures of the Reapers and gets an idea to lead the Reapers to the camp so they will attack the Grounders. However, Finn’s plan is a mere diversion because the Grounders attack the camp anyway.

Lincoln takes Octavia away from the camp after she is shot with an arrow and many of the remaining 100 retreat into the drop ship. However, Bellamy and Finn are left outside and Anya gets on board just before the door closes.

Clarke gives Jasper the signal to light up the ship and everything outside is annihilated. After everything is burned, the remaining 100 step out of the drop ship and are bombarded with smoke bombs. Men, Anya refers to as the “Mountain Men,” emerge from the smoke. Who these men are will most likely be answered next season. All we know is they took Clarke and presumably others to Mount Weather and quarantined them.

During the battle with the Grounders, the Ark launched and fell to Earth. Abby survived so it appears that there could be a reunion in the works.

The finale left us with many questions. Did Finn, Bellamy, and Raven survive? It seems unlikely, but they are main characters and I can’t believe the writers would kill them off. Did Lincoln and Octavia make it to safety? Will we see more of their romance and will they be reunited with the remaining 100?

One thing is certain. Jaha will not return. He stayed behind to launch the Ark manually. Unless a miracle happens, he will not survive.

What did you think of the finale?