My list of the top five hottest guys on TV in 2017

It’s time for my annual list of the five hottest guys on TV. For 2017, I have a couple of new additions. Here are the guys who made my list:

5. José Ron (Ramón on Enamorándome de Ramón) –  José Ron is back on my list. While I don’t like all of the tattoos, I do like his expressive blue eyes. I’m going to miss seeing him when Enamorándome de Ramón ends.

4. José Pablo Minor (Gabriel on Mi Marido Tiene Familia) –  I loved José Pablo Minor as Gael on Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse, but I love him even more as Gabriel on Mi Marido Tiene Familia. He handles comedy well and he’s perfect with Daniela.

3. Colin O’Donoghue (Hook on Once Upon a Time) –  I admit that I haven’t kept up with this season of Once Upon a Time, but when I have time to tune in, it’s for O’Donoghue. He’s okay as a detective, but he’s still fantastic as Hook. He continues to be the only man on TV that can pull off guyliner.

2. Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen on Arrow) – For the second year in a row, Amell is in the number two spot. He’s still great to look at, but Arrow has been a disappointment this season. I miss the non-whiny version of Oliver Queen.

And the guy at number one is:

1. Chris Wood (Mon-El on Supergirl) – I’m thrilled that the writers brought Mon-El back.  The chemistry between Wood and Melissa Benoist is stellar. Despite the fact that he’s currently married, I’m convinced that Mon-El and Supergirl will end up together. I can’t wait for the second half of the season.

Now it’s your turn. Who’s on your list?

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What happened to the superhero shows this season?

In my blog last week, Diggle is the new Green Arrow?, I vented about Arrow. I wish I could say that Arrow was the only superhero show lacking this year, but it’s not.

I wasn’t thrilled with  the last season of the The Flash and this season isn’t any better. I’m still trying to figure out the point of The Thinker. I’m assuming his role in Barry’s life will come out as the season goes on, but I admit I’m underwhelmed with the storyline. The only good thing I can say is that they brought back Harry. Besides Cisco, he is the best character on the show.

Supergirl also hasn’t done much for me this season. I’m really interested in the mysterious mother who seems to have powers, but doesn’t know why or how to use them. Yet, they spent one whole episode on Mars. Maybe it was to introduce J’onn ‘s father, but I think they could have done that without spending an entire episode on it.

I’m not going to stop watching these shows yet, but I wish they would take some notes from what I consider to be the best superhero show on TV — Gotham. Imagine living in a city run by all of the bad guys and that’s Gotham. Every week is exciting. I laugh at Penguin and the Riddler. They couldn’t have cast those roles any better.

There is an ongoing storyline intertwined with Gordon trying to catch a new criminal on each episode. Gordon is a strong character. He’s not afraid to take on the bad guys and will do whatever it takes to save his city.

I also love that we finally have the Dark Knight this season. Bruce Wayne is growing up. I can’t wait for him to don the full Batman costume.

Do you have a favorite superhero show?


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Diggle is the new Green Arrow?

I’m back to discussing television and this week I’m talking about Arrow, which after two episodes has left me annoyed.

As I suspected, everyone, except William’s mom, survived the massive explosion on the island. However, Thea is currently in a coma and Diggle has nerve damage.

Oliver now has full custody of his son, William, and is trying to figure out how to be a dad and Green Arrow. Yes, here we go again. Every season, it seems Oliver has some crisis in which he doubts himself and can’t figure out how to be Green Arrow and Oliver Queen. It’s getting tiresome.

After telling William that he would always come home, Oliver decided he couldn’t lie to his son and he had to come up with a way to keep his promise to William. His answer was to hand over the reins of Green Arrow to Diggle.

As in past seasons, I don’t expect it to take long for Oliver to realize he has to come back. After all, someone is still out to get him and we don’t know who that is. I highly doubt handing over the hood to Diggle is going to stop the person who wants it revealed that Oliver is the Green Arrow.

The best part of this season thus far has been the supporting cast. I’m glad the show still has Rene, Dinah, and Curtis. They are the reason I keep watching.

What are your thoughts on this season?


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Wonder Woman is the best DC comics superhero movie

Wonder Woman is one of my favorite superhero movies. Unlike the previous movies based on DC comics, Wonder Woman isn’t dark. Diana Prince believes that people are genuinely good. Even when she sees the worst, she doesn’t give up on people. Her only goal is to help. It’s her optimism and compassion that keep the movie from falling into Batman territory in which the world is a dark and evil place to live.

The movie opens with Diana Prince arriving at the Louvre. She sits at a desk and looks at a photograph of her taken in 1918 during World War I. She then reminisces on her life and we are taken back to when she was a child on Themyscira, a hidden island that is home to the Amazons.

Diana wants to learn how to be a warrior like her aunt, Antiope, but her mother, Hippolyta, doesn’t want her to take part in combat training. She’s afraid the more Diana learns, the more likely it is Diana might discover what she really is.

Diana trains with her aunt anyway and, by the time she is an adult, Diana is able to take on the best. It’s in the middle of a mock fight that Diana’s powers come out, but she still doesn’t discover that she’s more than an Amazon.

Steve Trevor crashes in the ocean just off the coast of Themyscira. He’s the first man Diana has ever seen and the movie has some fun with that.

Steve tells her and the other Amazons about the war and Diana decides it must be Aries and she has to leave with Steve to save everyone. They arrive in London and Steve tells the general about the gas Dr. Poison has developed. If it’s used, it will kill everyone. The general denies Steve’s request to go to the front to stop Dr. Poison and Diana is appalled at the general’s attitude. The general believes soldiers are meant to die.

Steve tells Diana that they are going to the front anyway. Diana’s compassion shines through when she comes across a crying woman in No Man’s Land. She tells Diana everything has been taken from her and her people. Steve tries to get her to leave, but she won’t hear of it. What follows is one of the most spectacular scenes in the movie. Diana, dressed as Wonder Woman, marches across the field. She deflects bullets with her bracelets and shield. When she sets her mind to something, nothing stands in Wonder Woman’s way.

All of this leads to the final battle, which is also quite spectacular, even if it is a little unbelievable. Tanks go flying through the air as Wonder Woman takes on the enemy; yet, all of the soldiers carry on with their business as if nothing is going on. In reality, they would drop what they were doing to watch the show. Despite that implausible tidbit, that scene is still enjoyable to watch.

Gal Gadot is fabulous as Wonder Woman. Her martial arts moves are amazing. She and Chris Pine play off of each other well. I can’t really think of anyone else who would have done these roles justice. The secondary characters are good and add a bit of comic relief. If you see the movie, you’ll love the scenes with Etta Candy.

Wonder Woman should not be missed. I can’t wait for the sequel.

Have you seen Wonder Woman?


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