Un Camino Hacia el Destino: Mariana is a witch

Last week, I discussed Amelia so it’s only fitting that this week I would discuss her sister, Mariana.

Mariana is a miserable human being. She was much happier before Amelia returned. She was waiting for Don Fernando to die so she could inherit everything.

Amelia’s return changed that. Not only does Mariana have to share the inheritance with Amelia, but she has to share it with Fer too because she is Don Fernando’s granddaughter.

Mariana tried to kill Amelia and Fer in a car accident, but that didn’t work. She then tried to kill Fer and Pedro by burning down their house. Again, she was unsuccessful.

But Mariana remains undeterred. To make sure she gets everything, Mariana had Louis the scumbag write a new will in which Amelia and Fer get nothing and tricked Don Fernando into signing it. Mariana also tried to rush Don Fernando’s death by switching his pills and giving him too many. Luckily for Don Fernando, he only got sick and didn’t die.

Now, Mariana has convinced Camila to lie and say Fer committed fraud and switched Don Fernando’s medication. Poor Fer is now on trial for fraud and neglect thanks to Louis the scumbag and Mariana.

While I don’t know what will happen to Fer, I know Mariana is doomed. Bad guys in novelas always end up dead or in prison by the end. With it being mid-June, Mariana’s fall should be coming soon and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.

What do you think of Mariana’s latest scheme?

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Un Camino Hacia El Destino: Love is in the air, not

scribble-heartOh, if only love really was in the air on Un Camino Hacia El Destino, but it’s not. No one is happy, not even the hero and heroine – Carlos and Fernanda – and that’s a good thing. They declared their love for each other far too early. I’m glad the writers had Fernanda call it quits. With all of the other absurd moments on Un Camino, Fernanda telling Carlos that she was done with all of his explanations was realistic.

Since she started dating Carlos, Fernanda has had to deal with crazy Isabela and Camila. Both want Carlos, even though he doesn’t want them and because he’s a bit wimpy, he’s had to explain himself out of more situations than I can count, including Isabela’s fake pregnancy.Why didn’t he tell Fernanda what Isabela was up to? Instead, Isabela told Fernanda that she was pregnant, even though it wasn’t true. Had Carlos told Fernanda what was going on, Fernanda would have been prepared and would have known it was a lie. Instead, she was stuck listening to one of Carlos’s many explanations again, which she didn’t want to hear.

While Carlos has told Camila to lay off, he hasn’t been forceful enough. Even when he went to Cabo San Lucas to surprise Fernanda, Camila managed to be all over him and that was in front of Fernanda. Why he allowed that to happen is beyond me? Until he stops being a wimp, Fernanda needs to stand her ground and tell Carlos to leave her alone.

At this point, I’d even welcome another love interest for Fernanda to make Carlos jealous and I don’t mean Felipe. He’s awful and belongs with Camila so they can be awful together.

Should the writers introduce another love interest? What do you think of Carlos?

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