Boy Band: Four out of my top five made it

Boy Band ended last week with the members of the new band named. The architects also announced the name of the band. I don’t understand the thinking, but the new group is called In Real Life.

A couple of weeks ago, I named my top five — Jaden, Michael, Brady, Sergio, and Drew. Four out of my top five made it into In Real Life. The members of the group are Michael, Brady, Sergio, Drew, and Chance.

I’m truly stunned that Jaden didn’t make it. He had the best voice in the whole competition. Chance is okay, but doesn’t have the range that Jaden has. Luckily, Drew has killer vocals and Brady has great range. The band will need them.

I’m excited that Michael made it. I’m curious to see how they work Michael into the songs. The group’s first single has a rap in the middle of it. Will every song have a rap? Having Michael in the group makes In Real Life different from any other boy band.

As I’ve mentioned previously, Sergio can sing, but he also has a ton of charisma. He has that “it” factor. Sergio makes performing look easy.

I don’t know if this group will be a success. We’ll have to wait and see. We’ll also have to wait to see if Boy Band gets a second season.

Are you happy with the guys who were picked for In Real Life?


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Boy Band: My top five

I hadn’t planned on watching Boy Band this summer. I was flipping channels one Thursday night and stopped when I saw a young guy singing. He sounded pretty good and I decided to keep watching. Boy Band reminds me a lot of La Banda, another show in which a band is created. By the end of the final episode, America will have a new boy band.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve watched as the guys have competed as part of different groups. The architects made up of Nick Carter, Emma Bunton, and Timbaland have eliminated many of the guys by putting two up for elimination each week. People then vote to save one.

While a lot of guys have gone home, the guys I would put in the band are still there. My top five for the band are: Brady, Drew, Jaden, Michael, and Sergio.

Brady, Drew, and Jaden are great singers. Sergio can sing, but he also has a lot of charisma. Michael is not the strongest singer, but he can rap. I think he’d bring an interesting dynamic to a boy band.

I like the concept of the show and I hope that it is back next summer. Have you been watching Boy Band? Who would you put in the band?


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