Once Upon a Time’s season finale takes on Robert Louis Stevenson [Spolier Alert]

The season finale of Once Upon a Time had a lot going on. The writers decided to move on from Hans Christian Andersen and the Grimm brothers to Robert Louis Stevenson. Here’s my attempt at a brief recap.

Rumpelstiltskin tethers all of the magic in Storybrooke to the Olympian crystal in an attempt to harness enough magic to wake Belle. Henry sees magic as bad and decides he’s going to destroy the Olympian crystal to get rid of magic.

Before Henry destroys magic, Zelena sends everyone in Storybrooke back to the Enchanted Forest, but when she tries to close the portal, Hook, the Charmings, and Zelena are sucked in and end up in another realm. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde happen to live in that realm.

Henry tracks down the Holy Grail and uses it to destroy magic. Only then, he discovers that the Charmings and company are stuck in another realm. Belle is also in that realm because Mr. Hyde had opened a portal and took the box Belle is in.

Of course, to bring everyone back from the other realm, Henry has to restore magic. Rumpel takes Henry, Regina, and Emma to see someone who still has magic and he reminds them that they just have to believe. Henry convinces a crowd to make wishes and it opens a portal that brings the Charmings and company back, including Dr. Jekyll who used a serum to separate himself from Mr. Hyde.

Rumpel goes through the portal and strikes a deal with Mr. Hyde to get Belle back. Mr. Hyde gives Rumpel information on how to wake Belle in exchange for Storybrooke.

Meanwhile, Regina uses the serum Dr. Jekyll used to separate herself from the evil queen. Once separated, Regina kills the evil queen or so she thinks. Apparently, killing the evil queen isn’t easy because at the end of the finale she’s still alive. It appears the evil queen and Mr. Hyde are next season’s villains.

I still haven’t decided whether I’ll watch next season. I’m having a hard time with the evil queen being back and Mr. Hyde being in Storybrooke.

What did you think of the season finale? Will you watch next season?


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Sibling rivalry dominates Once Upon a Time

Once upon a Time returned to one of its old storylines. Last night, we were treated to an hour of sibling rivalry.

I’ll start with James and David. James locks David up at the sheriff’s office after telling David that he’s going to take his life by pretending to be David. James goes into the woods with Emma to bring supplies to Robin and that’s when the truth comes out. James planned with Cruella to take Robin and Zelena’s baby to Hades.

James and Cruella take Emma and Robin to the dock and Hook and David show up to save the day. David and James fight and James ends up in the water never to be heard from again and Cruella runs off.

Now, let’s discuss Zelena, Regina, and Cora. Regina wants to break up Zelena and Hades and turns to Cora for help. Regina and Cora try to give Zelena water that will make her forget Hades, but it backfires. Cora realizes her unfinished business is bringing Regina and Zelena back together.

We learn from flashbacks that Regina and Zelena knew each other when they were young, but Cora made them forget each other. Cora brings back those memories and Regina and Zelena are together again.

Cora says goodbye to both daughters and it appears at first that she’s going to Hell, but then a bright light appears and she goes to Heaven. Regina then tells Zelena to go to Hades because she believes Zelena might be able to change him.

Unfortunately, Rumpelstiltskin and Peter Pan have other plans and they kidnap Zelena before she can get to Hades.

To say Once Upon a Time has gotten ridiculous would be an understatement. I can’t believe I’m still watching, but I’ve invested so much into this season that I feel I should finish it.

What do you think about the latest on Once Upon a Time?

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Once Upon a Time: We’re going to Hell

As I watched the winter finale of Once Upon a Time, I was stunned to see Hook die. I didn’t think the writers would go there and thought maybe Colin O’Donoghue wanted to leave.

When the twist unfolded and I discovered that the point of the first half of this season was to make Rumpelstiltskin the Dark One again, I liked the twist, but was disgusted that they killed Hook in the process. To make matters worse, it appears Hook ended up in the underworld, even though the darkness was taken from him and he was good when he died. If that’s not ridiculous enough, Emma decides she’s going to get Hook back.

Yes, folks, when Once Upon a Time returns on March 6, everyone is going to Hell to save Hook. While I think this storyline is absurd, I’m curious to see how all of this plays out. What will happen to Regina and Rumpel when people they sent to the underworld see them? Once they find Hook, how will they return to Storybrooke? When they return to Storybrooke, will other characters follow? I wouldn’t mind seeing Cora return, but I can’t take more of Peter Pan. I hope he stays in Hell.

What did you think of the winter finale? What characters are you looking forward to seeing again?


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Once Upon a Time: The bad boy is back [Spoiler Alert]

I loved when Hook was a bad boy and, apparently, the writers agreed because Hook is a Dark One.

Once Hook realizes he’s a Dark One he wipes out Emma’s memories and goes after Rumpel for revenge. He challenges Rumpel to a duel.

While Regina and company look for a way to stop Hook, Rumpel realizes that he can’t run from Hook. He swears that if he survives, he’ll be the man that Belle deserves.

Hook and Rumpel duel each other and Rumpel beats Hook. Even though he could easily kill Hook with Excalibur, he chooses not to and Hook disappears.

Hook visits Emma while she is being guarded by Merida and he tells Emma how much he wants to hurt her. He’s angry and he likes the darkness. Hook doesn’t care that Emma only turned him into a Dark One to save his life.

Emma isn’t willing to give up on Hook and plans with Henry to get her memories, as well as everyone’s memories, back. Once her memories are back, she knows what Hook is up to.

Hook summons Nimue and the other Dark Ones to snuff out the light. Will he succeed? We’ll have to wait for the next episode to find out.

The flashbacks didn’t add much to the episode. However, we found out that Hook killed Merlin so that he could unleash the curse and go back to Storybrooke to get his revenge.

Hook is so evil that any hope of Emma and Hook getting back together might be gone for good.

What do you think of Hook as a Dark One?


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