Once Upon a Time’s season finale takes on Robert Louis Stevenson [Spolier Alert]

The season finale of Once Upon a Time had a lot going on. The writers decided to move on from Hans Christian Andersen and the Grimm brothers to Robert Louis Stevenson. Here’s my attempt at a brief recap.

Rumpelstiltskin tethers all of the magic in Storybrooke to the Olympian crystal in an attempt to harness enough magic to wake Belle. Henry sees magic as bad and decides he’s going to destroy the Olympian crystal to get rid of magic.

Before Henry destroys magic, Zelena sends everyone in Storybrooke back to the Enchanted Forest, but when she tries to close the portal, Hook, the Charmings, and Zelena are sucked in and end up in another realm. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde happen to live in that realm.

Henry tracks down the Holy Grail and uses it to destroy magic. Only then, he discovers that the Charmings and company are stuck in another realm. Belle is also in that realm because Mr. Hyde had opened a portal and took the box Belle is in.

Of course, to bring everyone back from the other realm, Henry has to restore magic. Rumpel takes Henry, Regina, and Emma to see someone who still has magic and he reminds them that they just have to believe. Henry convinces a crowd to make wishes and it opens a portal that brings the Charmings and company back, including Dr. Jekyll who used a serum to separate himself from Mr. Hyde.

Rumpel goes through the portal and strikes a deal with Mr. Hyde to get Belle back. Mr. Hyde gives Rumpel information on how to wake Belle in exchange for Storybrooke.

Meanwhile, Regina uses the serum Dr. Jekyll used to separate herself from the evil queen. Once separated, Regina kills the evil queen or so she thinks. Apparently, killing the evil queen isn’t easy because at the end of the finale she’s still alive. It appears the evil queen and Mr. Hyde are next season’s villains.

I still haven’t decided whether I’ll watch next season. I’m having a hard time with the evil queen being back and Mr. Hyde being in Storybrooke.

What did you think of the season finale? Will you watch next season?


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Sibling rivalry dominates Once Upon a Time

Once upon a Time returned to one of its old storylines. Last night, we were treated to an hour of sibling rivalry.

I’ll start with James and David. James locks David up at the sheriff’s office after telling David that he’s going to take his life by pretending to be David. James goes into the woods with Emma to bring supplies to Robin and that’s when the truth comes out. James planned with Cruella to take Robin and Zelena’s baby to Hades.

James and Cruella take Emma and Robin to the dock and Hook and David show up to save the day. David and James fight and James ends up in the water never to be heard from again and Cruella runs off.

Now, let’s discuss Zelena, Regina, and Cora. Regina wants to break up Zelena and Hades and turns to Cora for help. Regina and Cora try to give Zelena water that will make her forget Hades, but it backfires. Cora realizes her unfinished business is bringing Regina and Zelena back together.

We learn from flashbacks that Regina and Zelena knew each other when they were young, but Cora made them forget each other. Cora brings back those memories and Regina and Zelena are together again.

Cora says goodbye to both daughters and it appears at first that she’s going to Hell, but then a bright light appears and she goes to Heaven. Regina then tells Zelena to go to Hades because she believes Zelena might be able to change him.

Unfortunately, Rumpelstiltskin and Peter Pan have other plans and they kidnap Zelena before she can get to Hades.

To say Once Upon a Time has gotten ridiculous would be an understatement. I can’t believe I’m still watching, but I’ve invested so much into this season that I feel I should finish it.

What do you think about the latest on Once Upon a Time?

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Once Upon a Time goes to Hell

We knew it was coming and, last night, it finally happened — Once Upon a Time went to Hell, which strangely looks like Storybrooke.

Emma and company go to the underworld to get Hook and all of the villains with unfinished business are there, including the blind witch, Cruella, Peter Pan, and Cora.

Cora and Regina have a nice little family reunion in which Cora tells Regina that she has to think about herself and leave. When Regina refuses to leave her friends, Cora tells Regina if she doesn’t leave, her father will suffer.

Rumpelstiltskin visits his pawn shop to find a potion that will allow them to find Hook. Peter Pan owns the shop and he tries to make a deal with Rumpelstiltskin in which someone doesn’t make it back to Storybrooke, but Pan does. Rumpelstiltskin doesn’t accept.

Emma and company go to Hook’s grave to pour the potion over it and talk to him. Hook’s image appears beaten, but he can’t hear Emma. His image disappears without telling them where he is and Emma tells Regina to leave with Henry and Robin.

Regina pours the potion on her father’s grave and apologizes for killing him. Her father tells her to stay to help her friends, even though Cora plans to make him suffer. He believes in her and knows Regina is good.

Regina stays and Cora tries to set Regina’s father on fire, but soon after Cora disappears, the fire goes out and a bright light appears. Because her father finished his business, which was to make sure Regina stood against her mother and didn’t turn dark, he went to Heaven. Twice the writers had the opportunity to call the better place Heaven and twice they didn’t so I’m saying it.

Cora goes to see the devil who isn’t happy about Regina’s father. Why? Because he left and went to Heaven. The devil tells Cora that Regina will pay and punishes Cora by putting her in her old peasant clothes.

The flashback showed the battle between Regina’s parents and, as in the present day, Regina prevailed over her mother.

What did you think of Once Upon a Time’s return?




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Once Upon a Time: We’re going to Hell

As I watched the winter finale of Once Upon a Time, I was stunned to see Hook die. I didn’t think the writers would go there and thought maybe Colin O’Donoghue wanted to leave.

When the twist unfolded and I discovered that the point of the first half of this season was to make Rumpelstiltskin the Dark One again, I liked the twist, but was disgusted that they killed Hook in the process. To make matters worse, it appears Hook ended up in the underworld, even though the darkness was taken from him and he was good when he died. If that’s not ridiculous enough, Emma decides she’s going to get Hook back.

Yes, folks, when Once Upon a Time returns on March 6, everyone is going to Hell to save Hook. While I think this storyline is absurd, I’m curious to see how all of this plays out. What will happen to Regina and Rumpel when people they sent to the underworld see them? Once they find Hook, how will they return to Storybrooke? When they return to Storybrooke, will other characters follow? I wouldn’t mind seeing Cora return, but I can’t take more of Peter Pan. I hope he stays in Hell.

What did you think of the winter finale? What characters are you looking forward to seeing again?


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Season Finale Recaps: Once Upon a Time and Arrow [Spoiler Alert]

Once Upon a Time and Arrow are two of my favorite shows, but one ended stronger than the other. I’ll start with Once Upon a Time because that one I found to be aggravating.

The focus for the second half of this season has been on keeping Emma from going dark. Everyone acted as though Emma was pure of heart, which all you have to do is look at her past to see she has a dark side. Granted, she’s turned her life around, but still she angers easily and isn’t trusting.

Before the finale, we saw Emma successfully fight off going dark. She wouldn’t let Gold win. Here comes the annoying part. In the end, he did.

I’ll skip the first half of the finale. While entertaining, the only major thing to come out of it is that Henry is now the author.

In the second half, Belle finds out the darkness is completely taking over Gold. She gets help and the wizard takes the darkness out of Gold and puts it into the hat. But it is too much darkness for the hat to hold. The darkness escapes and eventually surrounds Regina. I thought for sure Regina was going bad again. A bad Regina is so much fun.

But would I get my bad Regina back for next season? No. Emma, ever the hero, saves Regina by sticking the dagger into the darkness and allowing it to claim her. Emma is now the Dark One.

After wasting half of a season on keeping Emma light, she ends up dark anyway. I’m annoyed and wonder how long I’m going to have to watch Emma as the Dark One. I hope it’s only for the first half of the next season.

Now, it’s time to discuss Arrow, which was awesome. Oliver’s plan to take out the virus and Ra’s al Ghul before getting to Starling City fails. He returns to his lair with Nyssa where he’s greeted by an angry Diggle and Felicity.

Despite the anger, they all work together to come up with a plan to stop Ra’s before he can release the virus. Unfortunately, the plan fails, but it leaves a clue as to the next season’s villain — Damien Darhk, a former member of the League of Assassins.

Malcolm and company are able to contain the virus threat and Oliver has a final battle with Ra’s. Oliver beats Ra’s only to be shot by the police. He goes over the bridge and Felicity, in Ray’s Atom suit, flies in and saves him.

The last few minutes gave us a new hero and a new Ra’s. Thea becomes known as Speedy. I love that she is part of the team keeping Starling City safe.

As part of an agreement with Malcolm, Oliver gives Malcolm the Ra’s ring, making Malcolm the head of the League of Assassins. I figure nothing good can come of that.

It looks like Diggle will have a costume next season and Ray will be getting his own show, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Also, we finally have Olicity. Oliver gave up the Arrow to drive off into the sunset with Felicity. I don’t expect his retirement to last, but it’s nice to see Felicity and Oliver together for now.

What did you think of these finales?

Once Upon a Time: A Preview of the Upcoming Season

The trailer for Season 4 of Once Upon a Time  shows that Storybrooke may be frozen.Frozen

Elsa’s story will most likely be the focus of the first half of Season 4. Regina and Rumplestiltskin have had a bad history with just about everyone who has come to Storybrooke. I expect Elsa to be no different.

If Elsa is the focus of the first half of Season 4, who will be the focus of the second half? It could be Maleficent. She is expected to be a recurring guest star this season. How she will be worked in when she was slain by Emma in Season 1 should be interesting?

This season also promises some interesting secondary story lines. Will Regina become evil now that Emma brought Marian back, ending Regina’s relationship with Robin? I believe it’s a strong possibility and an evil Regina is fun.

During last season’s finale, Belle and Rumplestiltskin got married. How long will their wedded bliss last? Belle believes she has the dagger, but Rumplestiltskin is currently the master of the dagger. What will happen when Belle learns the truth?

The knave, Will Scarlet, will be coming to Storybrooke. Will and Robin don’t have a great history. Will Robin be happy to see him?

And of course, last but certainly not least, is Hook and Emma’s budding romance. After waiting all of last season for Emma and Hook to kiss, Emma finally kissed him during the finale. Will there be more swoon worthy kisses? Will they be able to commit to each other? I hope so.

For a recap of last season’s finale, see A Recap of My Favorite Finales.

What are you looking forward to on the upcoming season of Once Upon a Time?



Once Upon a Time Is Finally Back

I finally have my Sunday night TV back. Once Upon a Time returned last night and didn’t disappoint.

When the mid-season finale ended, everyone, except Henry and Emma, had gone back to the Enchanted Forest. Henry and Emma ended up in New York with no memory of Storybrooke. No one was supposed to be able to return from the Enchanted Forest. Yet, Hook appeared at Emma’s door at the end of that episode, leaving us wondering how he was able to escape the Enchanted Forest.

Last night’s episode flashed back and forth between present day New York and one year ago in the Enchanted Forest. The show opened with Phillip and Aurora about to have a picnic when Regina and company returned. After a brief update from Aurora and Phillip, Snow and Charming decide to return to their kingdom united with Regina. On the way to their castle, Snow convinces Regina to find a way to be happy without Henry. Snow and Regina are then attacked by a flying monkey and are saved by Robin Hood. As they near the castle, Regina discovers that a protective spell has been cast and someone has taken over the castle. Regina isn’t happy and I’m sure will make whoever it is (the Wicked Witch) pay.

In present day New York, Emma is dating some guy who isn’t Hook. Thankfully, Hook interrupts her dinner with said guy to tell her once again that her family is in danger and to give her Neal’s address, knowing she’d check it out. Emma being Emma goes and investigates and finds a camera with Henry’s name on it.  When Emma seeks Hook out in the park, instead of listening to what he has to say, she has him arrested for assault. I have to admit if I were in Emma’s shoes and some strange guy offered me some potion to drink and told me it would give me my memories back, I’d be freaked out too. Luckily, Hook isn’t in jail long and Emma finally agrees to drink the potion and gets all of her memories back before she can accept the other guy’s wedding proposal.

Hook explains to Emma that he got word that there was another curse and that everyone was going to return to Storybrooke. Heartbroken that what she thought was real wasn’t, Emma tells the other guy that she can’t marry him and lucky for her that she made that decision because apparently for eight months she was dating a flying monkey. Ewww! I was completely grossed out.

After getting rid of the monkey, Emma returns to Storybrooke with Hook and Henry and finds her parents. Snow and Charming don’t know what happened. All they know is that the last year has been wiped out and, by the way, Snow is pregnant.

At the end, the Wicked Witch makes her appearance. Who is she? That answer will have to wait for another episode.

We also have to wait to see if Regina and Robin Hood will have their happy ending. Did Robin Hood make it to Storybrooke this time?

Poor Henry doesn’t remember Storybrooke at all. Will he get his memory back?

What secret did Aurora and Phillip keep from Regina and company?

We were left with a lot of questions, but it was an exciting episode.

Note to ABC: Two and half months without Once Upon a Time is too long.

What did you think of Once Upon a Time’s return?