Jill’s chitchat: Stacia and Will Banks are expecting

I don’t usually write about my friends, with the exception of Mayor Cord Bennett, but this news is too exciting. Stacia and Will Banks are expecting . . . puppies. I know you were expecting me to say baby. Sorry.

You might remember that, a couple of weeks ago, they adopted a toy poodle who has been making Will’s great dane, Daisy, miserable. It turns out that the poodle, now named Snook’ems, is pregnant.

Snook’ems is expected to have the puppies at the end of August. While Stacia and Will would love to keep the puppies, they say two dogs are enough for them. They will be giving the puppies away to loving homes. If you’d like to get on the list, stop by the Lincoln Falls Veterinary Hospital and fill out an application. Every new family chosen will be required to go through Dr. Banks’s puppy training.

See you next week!


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Pet Video of the Week: The cutest Easter basket ever

Easter is quickly approaching and Easter baskets full of chocolate are one of my favorite things. But when I saw this video, I wanted to pick up each one of the German Shepherd pups and plant kisses on them. They are adorable and so tiny that it’s hard to believe they are going to grow up to be large dogs.

Would you like an Easter basket full of pups?


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