Vino el Amor: Luciana finds happiness with Miguel?

Three weeks in and it appeared Luciana and David on Vino el Amor were already in love. Then, David chose his family over his happiness and Luciana decided not to fight for him. She realized family always comes first.

Luciana tried to get away from David and his family by taking a job at another vineyard. The new job didn’t last long because Luciana’s family needed her after Juan ordered a pesticide that made everyone sick. In fact, Marta got so sick that she ended up in the hospital.

By the way, Juan is still at the vineyard because David forgave him, even though Juan poisoned the employees and tried to kill the vineyard. I know Juan will get it in the end, but for now nothing seems to be sticking to him.

But I digress. Since returning to the vineyard, Luciana decided to give Miguel another chance. David is unhappy about this. His jealousy is palpable. He confronted Luciana about it and, of course, she got mad and said she deserves some happiness and a chance at a family of her own. After all, David has that. I agree with her, but I can’t help but feel that she’s playing with Miguel’s feelings. This reminds me a lot of the José Luis – Montserrat – Alejandro triangle in Lo que la Vida me Robó. That triangle didn’t work out well for José Luis and I don’t think this one will work out well for Miguel. I wish Miguel would find someone else, but I wonder if his fate will be the same as José Luis’s, which would be tragic.

Now, I have one rant for this week. Why are Susan and Tano together? Yes, I realize they argued and aren’t together at the moment, but I don’t expect that to last long. They will be back together soon. My biggest issue is that Tano just seems clueless about everything. The argument he had with Susan is proof of that. She’s going through a divorce and he announces to her soon-to-be ex-husband that she’s already with someone else. This is bad. Her ex is already going after the house she gave him money for and all Tano did was give the ex a reason to argue that Susan doesn’t need the house or his support because she already has someone else to take care of her. Frankly, Susan can do a lot better than Tano. To the writers, please give Susan another love interest.

What do you think of Luciana and Miguel? Susan and Tano?


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Vino el Amor: It’s love after three weeks

Vino el Amor is my latest novela guilty pleasure. I don’t know where this one is being filmed, but the scenery is gorgeous. It also stars Gabriel Soto as David and Irina Baeva as Luciana. Although Soto is much older than Baeva, they have great chemistry. Of course, I’m convinced that Soto could have on-screen chemistry with a shoebox. He’s just that good. But I should discuss the storyline.

Ten years ago, Luciana’s father, Marcos, worked on David’s vineyard. David’s mother-in-law, Lilian, hated Luciana’s family because she thought Marta, Luciana’s mother, had an affair with her husband. Lilian had Luciana and Marcos deported to Mexico.

Graciela, David’s sister-in-law, has always been in love with David and wants him for herself. In a fit of jealousy, she kills Lisa, her sister and David’s wife, but David thinks it was some freak accident.

Marcos and Luciana build a life for themselves in Mexico until they can apply for visas again and return to the United States. When they finally receive their visas, Marcos dies of a heart attack and Luciana returns to the United States by herself.

Since her return, she and David have primarily argued, but she has also brought David back to life. For two years, he’s ignored his vineyard and family. Luciana has made him return to work and get more involved with his family. It has been a nice transformation.

My only complaint with this novela, and I realize it’s still early, is the writers seem to be rushing the story. After only three weeks, David and Luciana are declaring their love for one another. I prefer a slow build up to this point, but if the writers are able to pull them apart and keep them apart for a little awhile, then it might work.

Do you think it’s too soon for a declaration of love?


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Tres Veces Ana: Now that’s how a finale is done

It has been a long time since I’ve watched an action-packed finale to a novela. Lately, all of the action has happened before the finale. That was not the case with Tres Veces Ana. Despite what I call creative editing, which made some of the finale feel choppy, Tres Veces Ana delivered a tension filled hour and a half.

I have to start a little before the finale for all of the pieces to make sense. First, I’ll start with Ramiro. Facundo and Valentín kidnapped Ramiro and took him to a remote cabin where they shot him up with drugs so he wouldn’t be able to feel his legs. While he’s tied up, Valentín stands up (yes, he can walk) and confesses that he killed Gina. I have to admit that I didn’t see that one coming.

Ana Laura finds out where Ramiro is and goes into the cabin. She sees him tied up and, instead of trying to untie him right away, she tells him to wake up and then goes on to tell him how much she loves him. Of course, she takes so long that Valentín returns, but not before she pulls the needle out of Ramiro’s back.

Valentín ties up Ana Laura and then leaves again. By this time, Ramiro has feeling back in his legs. Ana Laura frees herself and Ramiro. When Valentín returns, Ramiro attacks him, but Valentín gets the best of him and Ana Laura ends up saving the day by killing Valentín just as the rest of the family shows up to rescue them.

Iñaki tries to kill Ana Lucia, but Marcelo stops him. They fight and Marcelo ends up unconscious. He’s rushed to the hospital where the tumor in his head is finally removed. We say goodbye to the personality switches as Marcelo and Santiago merge, realizing that they need each other.

The finale picks up with everyone returning to the mansion after the whole Valentín ordeal, but Ana Leticia isn’t there because she has gone off the deep end. She kills Claudia after she taunts Ana Leticia with details of her relationship with Mariano. Ana Leticia then runs off with Iñaki, but not before she gets her son. Surprise. Surprise. She never lost the baby.

Ana Laura marries Ramiro and Ana Lucia appears happy with Marcelo, but Marcelo wants his son. Marcelo works with the police to take down Facundo. The police shoot Facundo, but he survives. We don’t see Facundo after that scene, but I assume he went to prison.

A few months go by and Iñaki realizes he’s been wrong. He calls his father for help. Iñaki is arrested and Marcelo gets his son.

Ana Leticia decides to take out her insanity on her family. She kills her grandmother, attempts to kill her aunt, and ties up her sisters. Mariano walks in on this and Ana Leticia has him undress as she tells him how much she loves him and not the way a niece loves an uncle. She makes him get in her car and she thinks that they are off to live happily ever after.

Mariano has other plans. He crashes the car, which leaves him paralyzed from the waist down. Ana Leticia is placed in an insane asylum.

If this one doesn’t clean up at the TVyNovelas Awards, I’ll be stunned. While I lost interest part way through because it seemed to drag at times, the last few weeks were exciting. I also can’t say enough about the performances by Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli. They were excellent. Rulli changed from Marcelo to Santiago easily. One look of his eyes and you knew which one he was. As I’ve said before, Boyer played the three different personalities well. She clearly showed all of their traits.

Did you like Tres Veces Ana?


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Tres Veces Ana: Ramiro’s dad did it and Ana Lucia meets her grandmother

Tres Veces Ana is in its final weeks and things are finally starting to happen.

Let’s start with the same old business. Marcelo is still going back and forth with Santiago. For some reason, he hasn’t had the surgery to remove the tumor. Why? The only reason I can come up with is that the writers wanted to drag it out.

Now, for the more exciting. Ramiro discovered that his father stole the money from the foundation. He confronted his father and, instead of dealing with the consequences, his father committed suicide.

While Ramiro was trying to deal with what his father had done, Ana Laura was at a restaurant meeting who she thought was Ana Lucia, but it was Ana Leticia in disguise. She made Ana Laura believe that she hates the fact she missed out on the riches that Ana Laura and Ana Leticia grew up with. Ana Leticia completely played to Ana Laura’s sensitivities. The only reason for this is it plays into Ana Leticia’s plan to keep Ana Lucia out of the family. I think it will backfire because Ana Laura is a softie and will want to make Ana Lucia feel part of the family even more.

Meanwhile, the real Ana Lucia met her grandmother for the first time. She told her grandmother about her relationship with Santiago and how much she truly loved him. Surprisingly, I thought her grandmother handled it well and seemed to really feel for Ana Lucia and the situation she was in, despite the fact that Santiago/Marcelo is married to Ana Leticia.

In the coming weeks, there’s more to come. Iñaki killed Isidro and Orlando recorded Iñaki and Ana Leticia getting rid of Isidro’s body. For now, Iñaki plans to pay off Orlando, but we all know that the video is going to come back to haunt Iñaki and Ana Leticia. I’m just wondering what the final outcome will be for Ana Leticia. Will the writers kill her off or send her to prison?

What do you think Ana Leticia’s future holds?


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Tres Veces Ana: Santiago has multiple personality disorder and the crying continues

I admit I’m behind on this one. Some of that is attributed to my schedule and some is because I lost interest. I had expected this one to be great because Sebastián Rulli and Angelique Boyer are in it, but it has just been okay.

Let’s start with one of the more annoying aspects — the Santiago/Marcelo storyline. Is he Santiago? Is he Marcelo? It depends on the hour. His personality changes constantly. When he’s Marcelo, he’s as evil as any villain I’ve seen on a novela and can give Ana Leticia a run for her money. Actually, I can see how they ended up together.

One of my favorite scenes so far is when Marcelo and Ana Leticia are in a restaurant and they recount all of the things they hate about each other. This is after Ana Leticia discovers Marcelo’s mistress is her sister, Ana Lucia. I don’t think the writers meant for it to be funny, but I laughed through the entire scene.

The back and forth between Santiago and Marcelo, however, is tiresome. I thought the accident caused multiple personality disorder, which might have made the story a little more interesting, but it didn’t. After passing out in his room, he goes to the hospital where the doctors discover he has a brain tumor and that has been causing all of the craziness. He has to have the tumor removed, but he’s afraid that Marcelo will return permanently if he does. Of course, if he does nothing, the doctors say he has six months.

Because I’m behind, I’m not sure whether he has the surgery and which personality survives, but I’m rooting for Marcelo. He’s much more interesting than all of the crying we get from him and Ana Lucia.

Yes, Ana Lucia is still crying. I think she was much happier before Santaigo entered her life. In fact, all of the sisters are crying for all of the reasons I previously wrote about in Tres Veces Ana: Will the tears ever stop?

I thought as the novela went on the tears would stop, but they haven’t. I’m convinced Angelique Boyer either has a bag of onions nearby to help her cry or she’s just that great an actress, which could be the case because she does a fantastic job of pulling off the three different personalities of the sisters, despite all of the crying.


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Un Camino Hacia el Destino comes to an end

path-1421693_640Un Camino Hacia el Destino has come to an end and what an ending it was. There was a lot of editing I didn’t care for, but overall I enjoyed the finale.

Let’s start with Luis and Pedro. Luis somehow discovered where Pedro was hiding Pedrito. There was some editing because it wasn’t quite clear how Luis found out.

He took off with Pedrito and Pedro followed. Luis went to some building where a helicopter was supposed to meet him. Pedro chased Luis up the stairs and Luis shot Pedro in the stomach. Pedro miraculously survived, but I’m not sure how because we never saw that.

Luis thought he got away, but the police got a tip and flew the helicopter in to pick up Luis. They dropped him off at the prison and his face was priceless. Fernanda visited Luis in prison and told him that she loved him. She also referred to him as her father. I think, in his own strange way, he truly loved Fernanda and Pedrito.

Later, Diego was arrested at another school where he was already making the moves on another student. We didn’t see what happened to Diego after that, but I assume he went to prison for a very long time.

Much to my dismay, Marissa died. I was hoping Ignacio would marry her before she died, but poor Ignacio was left without a happy ending. I think there was some creative editing involved here as well because we didn’t even get to see Marissa’s funeral. The finale jumped from her death to Fernanda leaving to study violin in Europe.

I also wasn’t happy with Mariana’s end. She was alone in the house, wearing torn pantyhose and drinking wine. She and Hernán never got back together. I’m not sure why the writers chose to keep her rotten to the end. Luis had some sort of redemption so I don’t know why Mariana couldn’t have had the same.

Now, it’s time for the happy endings. This won’t take long. Amelia and Pedro stayed together. Camila ended up with Felipe, which I saw coming since Un Camino started. Fernanda and Carlos finally got married. Fernanda also became the successful violinist she always dreamed of being.

While it was nice to see Carlos and Fernanda get their happy ending, Luis’s redemption was a nice change of pace for a novela finale. At the end of most novelas, the antagonist dies or goes to prison without feeling any remorse. Watching Luis as he cried with pride over Fernanda’s performance was touching. He was paying for his mistakes, but he finally realized how lucky he was to have Fernanda.

What did you think of the finale?


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Un Camino Hacia el Destino: Things heat up!

Un Camino Hacia el Destino is now in its final episodes and things are heating up. Someone shot Luis and, while he was in the hospital, he finally figured out that Fer is his daughter and that her son is his grandson. Surprise, surprise, Fer wanted nothing to do with him.

Carlos was accused of trying to kill Luis and was on trial when Leo came forward and admitted he tried to kill Luis. Leo made a bunch of accusations, including that Luis tried to kill Marissa and that he committed bank fraud, which resulted in an investigation. The bank records were found and Luis went to prison for fraud.

Obsessed with Fer, Luis schemed to escape from prison. He set fire to the kitchen and escaped over the wall amid the chaos.

What was Luis’s grand plan for getting Fer to accept him as her father? He kidnapped her son and then told Fer that if she didn’t go with him, she’d never see her son again. Sadly, Fer, who is falling into the too stupid to live category, agrees to go with Luis. She could have set up a plan to deceive Luis and save her son. But that’s not what she did.

Instead, after meeting with Luis, she went home and told her parents how awful they were and told Carlos that she didn’t want anything to do with him because of what happened with Isabela. She then grabbed her meager belongings and met Luis on the road.

I guess now they are going to be a family on the run. I’m wondering how long it will take for Carlos and her family to figure out what happened. How much crying will I be subjected to before Fer and Pedrito are saved?

Do you think Fer did the right thing?


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Un Camino Hacia el Destino: Luis gets off again, Diego is a psycho, and Amelia and Pedro are in love

I really can’t wait for Luis to get it on Un Camino. I’m sick and tired of watching him get away with everything.

He hit Fernanda with his car and managed to turn it around and bring criminal charges against her. He tried to kill Carlos and was let go on his own recognizance. No further charges were brought against him.

Now, I had to watch a judge declare Luis innocent of attempting to murder Marissa. Nothing sticks to the man. Of course, in this case, he had help from Isabela, who claims to love Carlos but does everything she can to hurt him.

Isabela lied on the stand. She knew Luis took Marissa to the spa hoping to rush the muscular dystrophy along so Marissa would die and he’d get all of Marissa’s money.

For the judge, Isabela’s lies were more believable than Leo’s truthful testimony. He testified to Luis’s true intentions that he planned to kill Marissa and take over the bank.

When the judge announced his ruling, I wanted to wipe that smug expression off of his face. He’s the bad guy, which means he’s going to either die or end up in prison. I’m just wondering which one it will be and what will finally take him down.

Speaking of being taken down, when will the police find Diego? I have to say this is one storyline I didn’t see coming. Diego is a psycho.

Apparently, he stalks young girls, makes them fall in love with him, marries them, and then locks them up so they can’t leave him. The writers showed no indication of this when Diego was introduced. He didn’t seem sinister at all. Now that we are in the final weeks, Diego’s psychotic behavior has come out.

I hope they find Lucero before she either starves to death or Diego finds another way to kill her.

In happier news, not only have Fernanda and Carlos reconciled, but Amelia and Pedro are together. It took 20 years of hate on Amelia’s part and divorce, but somehow Amelia fell in love with Pedro and he was able to forgive Amelia for all of the years of misery she caused.

Did you see the Diego storyline coming? What do you think of Pedro and Amelia’s reunion?

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Un Camino Hacia el Destino: Mariana is a witch

Last week, I discussed Amelia so it’s only fitting that this week I would discuss her sister, Mariana.

Mariana is a miserable human being. She was much happier before Amelia returned. She was waiting for Don Fernando to die so she could inherit everything.

Amelia’s return changed that. Not only does Mariana have to share the inheritance with Amelia, but she has to share it with Fer too because she is Don Fernando’s granddaughter.

Mariana tried to kill Amelia and Fer in a car accident, but that didn’t work. She then tried to kill Fer and Pedro by burning down their house. Again, she was unsuccessful.

But Mariana remains undeterred. To make sure she gets everything, Mariana had Louis the scumbag write a new will in which Amelia and Fer get nothing and tricked Don Fernando into signing it. Mariana also tried to rush Don Fernando’s death by switching his pills and giving him too many. Luckily for Don Fernando, he only got sick and didn’t die.

Now, Mariana has convinced Camila to lie and say Fer committed fraud and switched Don Fernando’s medication. Poor Fer is now on trial for fraud and neglect thanks to Louis the scumbag and Mariana.

While I don’t know what will happen to Fer, I know Mariana is doomed. Bad guys in novelas always end up dead or in prison by the end. With it being mid-June, Mariana’s fall should be coming soon and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.

What do you think of Mariana’s latest scheme?

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Un Camino Hacia el Destino: Amelia is repentant

On Un Camino Hacia el Destino, I’ve watched Amelia treat Pedro and Fernanda awful. She missed Fer’s graduation because she said she had too much work to do. When she was in the car accident and couldn’t walk, she told Pedro and Fer that they were dead to her.

She left both of them and moved back into her childhood home without telling Fer or Pedro where she was going. Fer discovered where Amelia was only because she started working for Don Fernando and ran into Amelia at the house.

Now, Amelia is sorry for everything she’s ever said and done. When did Amelia change? When she thought Pedro and Fernanda died in the fire that destroyed their house. After that, she suddenly was sorry for how she had treated Pedro and Fer.

When she discovered Fer was alive, Amelia tried talking to Fer. She apologized and asked Fer to forgive her. Not surprisingly, Fer has told Amelia on more than one occasion that she wants nothing to do with Amelia or her family.

Amelia then went to visit Pedro at the clinic and was upset when Pedro wouldn’t see her. Apparently, after pining away for Louis, she’s figured out that he’s a scumbag and Pedro is the best man she’s ever known.

On just about every episode, she cries over losing Pedro and Fer. Too bad she didn’t realize what she had for all those years. She’s going to need a miracle for Pedro and Fer to forgive her. Frankly, Amelia deserves everything she’s getting. I know the writers are trying to redeem her, which means at some point she will be forgiven, but I’m enjoying watching her be tortured for now.

When Pedro forgives Amelia, I hope he doesn’t take her back. I’d much rather see Pedro end up with Marissa if she ever gets away from Louis the scumbag.

What do you think of Amelia’s redemption?


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