Pet Video of the Week: A little kitten Hocus Pocus

Staying in the Halloween spirit, here is a kitten version of Hocus Pocus, a popular movie for this time of year. The kittens are adorable and the story is summed up in under two minutes.

It’s a cute version of the story. I love what they did with the dolls, but my favorite part is when the kittens are asleep and the narrator keeps going.



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Deadpool: A superhero movie for adults

Continuing with my superhero theme from last week, I saw Deadpool this weekend and Ryan Reynolds has finally hit the jackpot. Deadpool is Marvel’s next big franchise.

Wade Wilson is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Instead of staying with his fiancée and dying, he takes drastic measures and opts for a treatment that makes him immortal and disfigures him. He spends the rest of the movie tracking down the man who disfigured him.

This is not your typical superhero movie. Wade Wilson is not a nice guy. He’s sarcastic, he’s got a chip on his shoulder, and he doesn’t mind killing a lot of people to get what he wants.

There’s a love story too. He wants his looks back so he can return to his fiancée. I won’t spoil it for you. You’ll have to see the movie if you want to know if he gets the girl.

Don’t take the kids to this one. It is for adults because of the graphic violence, nudity, and language. If you’re ready for an adult superhero movie, then this movie is for you. Deadpool will make you laugh and thoroughly entertain you for 1 hour and 40 minutes.

I highly recommend it. It’s a definite must see.

Have you seen Deadpool?

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