Arrow reveals who’s in the grave [Spolier Alert]

I’m stunned. I never would have guessed it. For months, I’ve predicted that Thea would be in the grave on Arrow because I thought she was the most expendable, but I was wrong. If you haven’t watched the last episode of Arrow, don’t read any further because there are spoilers.

Andy Diggle feeds Oliver and company information about Darhk and Merlyn. Oliver figures out that something isn’t right about the info Andy is giving them and doesn’t trust him. John gets mad at Oliver for distrusting his brother and it comes back to bite him.

Oliver and company end up at Iron Heights after an uprising there. Darhk, of course, is trying to break out of prison. While at the prison, Andy turns on Oliver and company and gives Darhk the missing piece of the idol, which he needs to regain his powers.

At this point, I thought the writers were setting us up for John Diggle’s death, but nope. Diggle’s complete trust in Andy got someone else on the team killed.

If you remember, Darhk had told Captain Lance that he would kill Laurel if he were ever betrayed. Darhk made good on his promise and killed Laurel as soon as he got his powers back. That’s right, Laurel is in the grave.

I thought Black Canary was an integral part of the story, but apparently the writers disagreed with me. With the team down yet another member, I have to believe that another character will be introduced to take the Canary’s place. The next few episodes should be quite interesting.

Do you agree with the writers’ decision to kill off Laurel?

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Arrow: Sara gets her soul back

Arrow’s writers have found a new way to make me obsessed with the show. I’ve been obsessed with Olicity, but now it appears that I will be spending the season dissecting every episode for hints as to who’s in the grave.

So let’s get to the past week’s episode. Sara goes on a killing spree. She’s trying to kill any woman who looks like Thea.

Oliver has learned about the woman who’s killing people and goes out to stop her. Imagine his surprise when he sees Sara. The man who has done many questionable things looks at Laurel as though she’s lost her mind.

Oliver and company finally put two and two together and realize Sara wants to kill Thea. They spend the rest of the episode trying to catch Sara.

Meanwhile, Captain Lance is contacted by Darhk who wants Lance to infect a government server with a virus. Diggle helps Lance break into the federal facility. They hook up the device with the virus, which deletes a number of files — one of which is a file on Diggle’s brother. Lance asks Darhk about Diggle’s brother and manages to get the classified file. Lance gives the file to Diggle who discovers his brother wasn’t as clean as he thought.

The flashbacks in this episode introduced John Constantine. I was wondering how Constantine would be tied to the present, but the writers managed to do it. They used Constantine to save Sara.

Oliver and company trap Sara and find out that her soul is still in the pit. Oliver calls on Constantine to help them retrieve Sara’s soul. In an odd scene, Oliver and Laurel enter another realm and wrestle Sara’s soul from the pit.

This mean’s Sara’s bloodlust is gone, which means my theory that she later kills Thea is out the window. I still think Thea is the likely candidate for the grave and it could be her own bloodlust that gets her killed, which was hinted at in this episode.

However, I also think this episode hinted at Lance being in the grave. Darhk doesn’t like questions and Lance is starting to ask them. Also, they keep talking about how having Lance on the inside will help them bring down Darhk. Will it also get Lance killed?

Who do you think will be in the grave?

By the way, if you were wondering when Ray would be back, he returns this week.


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Oliver Queen Lives and New Heroes Rise

Yes, I know I’m not telling you anything you didn’t expect. Had Oliver died at the end of the mid-season finale, Arrow would end because he’s the star of the show. Frankly, I think the writers had Oliver almost die so that they could show the rise of the new heroes on the show.

The opening scene of the “Left Behind” episode shows Roy and Diggle out trying to follow through on Oliver’s mission to protect Starling City. Diggle obviously isn’t great with arrows, but it appears Roy has gotten much better under Oliver’s tutelage and he seemed to come into his own as Arsenal. He was able to apprehend one of the bad guys on his own. We’ll most likely see more of his skills in upcoming episodes.

Laurel finally made her appearance as the Black Canary at the end of the episode. Everyone has been waiting for her to don the wig and mask and she showed up in style as she took out two criminals who were let go thanks to a new criminal, Brick. I really hope Laurel is able to fight as well as Sara, but I doubt it. Sara was incredible with a bo staff and her story was credible because she had been trained by the League of Assassins. How will the writers explain Laurel’s skills? She worked with a guy whose specialty is boxing, which is quite different from martial arts. Where would she have learned her moves? How would she know how to use a bo staff?

Ray is supposed to be the Atom at some point, but he didn’t suit up in this episode and it appears he may not for awhile. Ray had problems with his A.T.O.M. project and asked for Felicity’s help. Because Felicity is struggling with Oliver’s death, she told Ray that she wouldn’t help him. Will he be able to figure out the problem with his project without Felicity?

What did you think of this episode?