Designated Survivor: The conspiracy falls apart

In the season finale of Designated Survivor, the plan to take down the government fell apart. The episode started with Hannah taking off with a bomb in the back of the van and driving it into the Tidal Basin. Lozano and company had wanted to blow up the FBI and blame Hannah for it.

The president and the FBI then decide it’s time to bring in Patrick Lloyd. Only Lloyd was once again ahead of them and escaped through an underground tunnel, but at least they took down all of the cells across the country.

Meanwhile, Whitaker created a fake identity for Lozano so that he could get into the Pentagon. I admit I was annoyed because Lozano’s face should have been plastered everywhere and quite recognizable even with the fake ID, but yet he was still able to get into the Pentagon.

Hannah gets to the Pentagon in time to see Lozano leaving and goes after him. Lozano crashes and jumps out of the car. He ends up running into a house that is under construction. Hannah and Lozano fight and Lozano ends up dead.

Because Whitaker created the ID for Lozano in the White House, Chuck is able to track him and, yes, they finally figured out that Whitaker is the mole.

President Kirkman gives an uplifting speech, but then returns to the White House in time to be told that he’s needed in the Situation Room. That’s where he gets the bad news. The FBI finally figured out why Lozano was at the Pentagon. He stole all of our intelligence information and gave it to Patrick Lloyd.

Do they know where Patrick Lloyd is? Of course, they don’t. The finale ended with Lloyd getting out of a car somewhere with a briefcase. He’s obviously going to try to sell all of the information.

It was a good finale because it set up the next season, but it also was frustrating.

Did you watch the season finale of Designated Survivor?


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Designated Survivor: Hannah and Chuck almost die and the president resets the clock

Since taking a bullet, President Kirkman has been busy uncovering who blew up the US Capitol. He appointed Hannah Wells to conduct the investigation.

Hannah discovered that the mysterious woman working with the people behind the bombing and the murder of Jason Atwood’s son was Brooke Mathison. Unfortunately, Brooke figured out that Hannah was working with Chuck and she tried to kill both of them.

Jason followed Hannah to Brooke’s house. Brooke and Hannah fought, and Jason killed Brooke after she pulled a gun. Hannah then found out that the Capitol wasn’t the last attack planned. Whoever Brooke was working for plans to blow up the Golden Gate Bridge, Hoover Dam, and the Statue of Liberty.

Meanwhile, President Kirkman reset the clock on his first 100 days in office and set forth an ambitious plan that includes job creation and gun control. His former chief of staff, Aaron Shore, got a new job with Kimble Hookstraten.

The latest episode of Designated Survivor left me with many questions. Will Hannah find the people responsible for the Capitol bombing before another attack happens? Why are all of these attacks planned? Will President Kirkman pick a new vice president? Will Aaron return to the White House?

What do you think of the latest on Deisgnated Survivor?


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