Superhero crossover event results in two weddings and a funeral

The crossover event, Crisis on Earth X, brought Supergirl, the Legends, Green Arrow, and the Flash together to fight Supergirl and Green Arrow’s evil doppelgangers on Earth X.

Overall, I thought the four episodes were exciting, but at times the fight scenes were a little difficult to follow. To sum it all up, even though it looked like they couldn’t possibly beat the evil Supergirl and Green Arrow, they did.

Sadly, in the melee, Martin Stein was shot. I had read that Victor Garber, who plays Martin Stein, planned to leave, but I didn’t expect the writers to kill him off. They could have left the door open for him to come back after his run on Broadway. I guess he didn’t want the option of returning.

While I shed a couple of tears for Martin Stein, the crossover event made me shout for joy at the end. Not only did Iris and Barry get married, but Oliver and Felicity did as well. Yes, you read that correctly. We finally have Olicity. It looked like we were only going to have one wedding until Felicity surprised everyone by asking Oliver to marry her. After she embarrassed him by saying no in front of everyone earlier in the crossover event, I was expecting him to say no. I should have known that Oliver would never say that to Felicity and I’m glad.

What did you think of the crossover event?


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Did Arrow’s midseason finale trailer hint that Felicity is in the grave?

We know from Arrow’s trailer that Felicity is in danger. However, we also know that others who are close to Oliver are in danger as well.

Darhk vows to take everything from Oliver, and while Felicity’s death certainly would be a huge blow for Oliver, it also would be show suicide. Felicity keeps Oliver centered and many viewers tune in for Olicity. For these reasons, I stick by what I’ve been saying — someone other than Felicity is in the grave.

Thea has been, and still is, at the top of my list, but in recent weeks, the show has hinted that Captain Lance or Felicity’s mother could be in the grave. Additionally, in the crossover episode with The Flash, Oliver learned that he has a son, which means it could be his son or his son’s mother in the grave.

The crossover episode hinted at that possibility when the mother set the ground rules for Oliver to see his son. She said she didn’t want their son to be dragged into Oliver’s world. Of course, the world she’s talking about is much different from the one Oliver is in as the Green Arrow. If she ever finds out that Oliver is the Green Arrow, she’ll probably never allow Oliver to see his son.

As the season goes on, it’s possible Darhk will find out about Oliver’s son and kill him. The loss of his son would definitely make Oliver kill again.

As the list of candidates for the grave gets longer, who do you think is in the grave?



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Arrow: Oliver Queen is a super hero and super chef

I’ve spent a lot of time this season trying to figure out who’s in the grave on Arrow. Wednesday’s episode dropped more hints that only made my list get longer —  Felicity (which has been hinted at more than once) and Felicity’s mother (because of her relationship with Lance). But it also showed us another side of Oliver Queen and I think that’s why I’ve been enjoying this season so much.

If last season was about Oliver trying to figure out how to be the Arrow and Oliver Queen, this season is about Oliver finally being comfortable with who he is. I was afraid that once Felicity and Oliver got together, the show would go down hill. After all, so many series in the past failed after the main characters ended up romantically involved. Luckily, the writers have kept Olicity fresh.

I love their banter and tiny arguments, especially during the missions. My favorite part of the last episode was the dinner scene with Felicity’s mother. Oliver cooked chicken cordon bleu. Yes, the man is a super chef. But he couldn’t enjoy the meal because Felicity was sulking.

Oliver looked so vulnerable and sad as he tried to figure out what he did wrong. I couldn’t understand Felicity’s problem. I loved that her mother said what we were all thinking. The man is gorgeous, cooks, and he loves her. Felicity lost sight of the fact that Oliver complements her. He’s never asked her to change. She can be herself with him. I’m glad she came to her senses by the end of the episode. I’m not ready for Olicity to end yet.

What do you think of Olicity this season?

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Season Finale Recaps: Once Upon a Time and Arrow [Spoiler Alert]

Once Upon a Time and Arrow are two of my favorite shows, but one ended stronger than the other. I’ll start with Once Upon a Time because that one I found to be aggravating.

The focus for the second half of this season has been on keeping Emma from going dark. Everyone acted as though Emma was pure of heart, which all you have to do is look at her past to see she has a dark side. Granted, she’s turned her life around, but still she angers easily and isn’t trusting.

Before the finale, we saw Emma successfully fight off going dark. She wouldn’t let Gold win. Here comes the annoying part. In the end, he did.

I’ll skip the first half of the finale. While entertaining, the only major thing to come out of it is that Henry is now the author.

In the second half, Belle finds out the darkness is completely taking over Gold. She gets help and the wizard takes the darkness out of Gold and puts it into the hat. But it is too much darkness for the hat to hold. The darkness escapes and eventually surrounds Regina. I thought for sure Regina was going bad again. A bad Regina is so much fun.

But would I get my bad Regina back for next season? No. Emma, ever the hero, saves Regina by sticking the dagger into the darkness and allowing it to claim her. Emma is now the Dark One.

After wasting half of a season on keeping Emma light, she ends up dark anyway. I’m annoyed and wonder how long I’m going to have to watch Emma as the Dark One. I hope it’s only for the first half of the next season.

Now, it’s time to discuss Arrow, which was awesome. Oliver’s plan to take out the virus and Ra’s al Ghul before getting to Starling City fails. He returns to his lair with Nyssa where he’s greeted by an angry Diggle and Felicity.

Despite the anger, they all work together to come up with a plan to stop Ra’s before he can release the virus. Unfortunately, the plan fails, but it leaves a clue as to the next season’s villain — Damien Darhk, a former member of the League of Assassins.

Malcolm and company are able to contain the virus threat and Oliver has a final battle with Ra’s. Oliver beats Ra’s only to be shot by the police. He goes over the bridge and Felicity, in Ray’s Atom suit, flies in and saves him.

The last few minutes gave us a new hero and a new Ra’s. Thea becomes known as Speedy. I love that she is part of the team keeping Starling City safe.

As part of an agreement with Malcolm, Oliver gives Malcolm the Ra’s ring, making Malcolm the head of the League of Assassins. I figure nothing good can come of that.

It looks like Diggle will have a costume next season and Ray will be getting his own show, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Also, we finally have Olicity. Oliver gave up the Arrow to drive off into the sunset with Felicity. I don’t expect his retirement to last, but it’s nice to see Felicity and Oliver together for now.

What did you think of these finales?

Another Season Without Olicity on Arrow

The beginning of this season of Arrow started with a tease. We thought we were finally going to have Olicity. Oliver and Felicity went on a date in which Felicity ended up getting hurt and then Oliver decided that he couldn’t be with anyone. I had hoped that wouldn’t be the end of Olicity for this season, but then the last two episodes happened. In one of those episodes, Felicity slept with Ray. I thought perhaps it would be a one night thing and Felicity would realize that she had made a mistake. Did that happen? No! Instead, it appears that Felicity is quite happy with Ray, at least for now.

Does Felicity still like Oliver? Yes. In last week’s episode, she said that having Oliver in her life made her happy and there was a lot of touching involved. If Oliver said he loved her and wanted to be with her, I think she’d dump Ray fast. But Oliver isn’t that type of guy and, as long as Felicity is dating Ray, Oliver won’t say a word to Felicity.

Will the writers make us wait until next season for Olicity? If Olicity happens this season, I believe it will be the very last episode, which means we’ll probably be left hanging. While as a viewer I’m aggravated, it’s smart on the part of the writers. The anticipation of Olicity keeps viewers coming back and, for that reason, they’ll drag it out as long as they can.

Do you think we’ll see Olicity before the end of the season?

Oliver Queen Lives and New Heroes Rise

Yes, I know I’m not telling you anything you didn’t expect. Had Oliver died at the end of the mid-season finale, Arrow would end because he’s the star of the show. Frankly, I think the writers had Oliver almost die so that they could show the rise of the new heroes on the show.

The opening scene of the “Left Behind” episode shows Roy and Diggle out trying to follow through on Oliver’s mission to protect Starling City. Diggle obviously isn’t great with arrows, but it appears Roy has gotten much better under Oliver’s tutelage and he seemed to come into his own as Arsenal. He was able to apprehend one of the bad guys on his own. We’ll most likely see more of his skills in upcoming episodes.

Laurel finally made her appearance as the Black Canary at the end of the episode. Everyone has been waiting for her to don the wig and mask and she showed up in style as she took out two criminals who were let go thanks to a new criminal, Brick. I really hope Laurel is able to fight as well as Sara, but I doubt it. Sara was incredible with a bo staff and her story was credible because she had been trained by the League of Assassins. How will the writers explain Laurel’s skills? She worked with a guy whose specialty is boxing, which is quite different from martial arts. Where would she have learned her moves? How would she know how to use a bo staff?

Ray is supposed to be the Atom at some point, but he didn’t suit up in this episode and it appears he may not for awhile. Ray had problems with his A.T.O.M. project and asked for Felicity’s help. Because Felicity is struggling with Oliver’s death, she told Ray that she wouldn’t help him. Will he be able to figure out the problem with his project without Felicity?

What did you think of this episode?

Oliver Queen: The Most Frustrating Man on TV

When I watched the preview for this season of Arrow, I was excited. I thought finally we’re going to have Olicity. The writers quickly killed that in the first episode of the season.

Since then, Felicity and Oliver have had their moments and Oliver has done a lot of whining about how guys like him don’t get the girl. He believes he’s doing the noble thing. If Felicity is with him, she could be put in danger.

But what about what Felicity wants? He’s taken the decision out of her hands. She knows the risks involved with dating Oliver and doesn’t care. All she wants is him.

Even Diggle has tried to talk some sense into Oliver. Of course, the one time Oliver listens to him, Oliver is too late. Felicity had gone on a date with Ray and, unlike Oliver, Ray capitalized on the situation. What’s that old saying? You snooze, you lose.

Only Oliver didn’t snooze long. No, he decides to tell her how he feels as he’s leaving to face Ra’s al Ghul and might not be back. At least Felicity knows, but her heart is breaking at the same time and I imagine she’s not going to fair well when she learns Oliver is supposedly dead. While I’m glad he admitted his feelings in the mid-season finale, a part of me thinks he should have waited until he returned, which we know he will despite how that last episode ended.

When he returns, my advice to Oliver is: Take Felicity in your arms and give her the most passionate kiss in the history of TV kisses. You’ll be happy, she’ll be happy, and we’ll all be happy.

What are your thoughts on Felicity and Oliver? Are you still holding out hope for Olicity?

The Most Anticipated Dates on TV

I’ve been waiting and waiting, like everyone else, for Olicity to happen on Arrow and for Emma and Hook to get together on Once Upon a Time. The good news is Hook and Emma are off to a good start. The bad news is Oliver and Felicity are already over. (Yeah, Oliver is a bit of a drag.)

I’m going to save the best for last and start with Arrow. Oliver decides to have a life outside of being Arrow. He asks Felicity on a date and she, of course, says yes. After all, like the rest of us, she’s been waiting a long time for Oliver to make a move.

They go to a nice restaurant and their date is cut short when a rocket is launched into the restaurant by someone trying to kill Oliver. Felicity is injured and he brings her back to his lair. He realizes then that he can’t be Oliver. He can only be Arrow, which means no personal life. Poor Felicity!

He talks to Felicity about what happened and Felicity knows that it’s over and she’s right. Oliver kisses her, but it’s more of a kiss goodbye than a passionate kiss.

Is it ridiculous that I’m still holding out hope for Olicity?

The second episode once again showed Oliver’s struggle to be just Arrow, Starling City’s protector, not a human being with emotions. I think eventually he’ll realize that he has to find a balance. He has to allow his human side to come out and that means Felicity might get another chance.

Now onto Emma and Hook and their epic date. For the date, Hook had Rumplestiltskin, restore his hand. That’s right, the hook was gone for a short time anyway.

Hook planned the date and took Emma to an Italian restaurant. It was very Lady and the Tramp.

All was going well until Will Scarlett spilled wine all over Emma and Hook reached out with his reattached hand, which Rumplestiltskin told him could cause him act to act differently because it was part of the Old Hook.

When he grabbed Will Scarlett, he sounded like the Old Hook when he told Will to apologize to Emma. Despite the hand, the date went well. Hook asked Emma out again and we got another kiss. Looks like we’re in for a lot more Hook and Emma.

Which TV date have you been waiting for?

Arrow Season 3 Preview

At the end of last season, Slade was locked up in a cell on the island. Will Slade escape and wreak havoc for Arrow? From the trailer released at Comic-Con, it appears Slade will be the least of Oliver’s troubles.

The trailer shows that Season 3’s villain will be Ra’s al Ghul who will first appear in episode four. There is bad blood between Malcolm Merlyn and Ra’s al Ghul, which means I expect there to be more of Malcolm Merlyn this season. For Oliver, this means double the trouble. For us, it means double the action. I expect this season to have quite a few fight scenes with the lead up to the epic battle scene in the finale. With the return of Malcolm Merlyn, I question whether the epic battle will be between Oliver and Ra’s al Ghul or Merlyn.

The most exciting news from the trailer is that we might finally get Olicity. Last season, we were teased when Oliver told Felicity that he loved her and we found out later that it was all part of his elaborate plot to take down Slade. I’m hoping that we aren’t teased again. Based on what I’ve read, the Olicity story line appears to be part of Oliver’s struggle to balance his life with his job as Arrow.

Other items of note for the upcoming season: Roy will sport a new outfit and officially become Arsenal, and the trailer hints that something might be wrong with Diggle because Oliver wants him out of the field.

If the trailer is any indication, it should be an exciting season.

What are you most looking forward to this season?

For a recap of last season’s finale, see A Recap of My Favorite Finales.

A Recap of My Favorite Finales

It’s that time of year when we say goodbye to our favorite TV shows until the next season. I watch quite a few shows, but three finales stuck out to me – Once Upon a Time, Arrow, and Hart of Dixie.

Once Upon a Time

The Once Upon a Time finale took us back in time with Hook and Emma. They were sucked into the portal that opened when Zelena died.

We got to see Emma dressed as a princess and Hook dressed as a dashing prince as they tried to get Charming and Snow together after they inadvertently changed history. What followed was a sweet story in which Emma watched her parents fall in love and realized how much she wanted to be with them in Storybrooke.

When Emma and Hook finally returned to Storybrooke, Emma thanked Hook for coming after her in New York and standing by her. He then admitted that he had given up the Jolly Roger for her. I had wondered what it would take for Emma to see that Hook was worthy of her attention. The Jolly Roger did it and Emma finally kissed Hook, which I had been waiting for all season.

Of course, poor Regina couldn’t get her happy ending with Robin. Emma took someone back from the past. That someone was Marian. Robin saw Marian and quickly forgot about Regina.

At the end, we got a hint at what next season will be about and it looks like Elsa might freeze all of Storybrooke.


Arrow delivered the epic battle between Oliver and Slade. The big question of the night was whether Oliver would kill Slade or find a way to defeat him without killing him. Oliver didn’t kill him.

In a plot twist, Oliver admitted to Felicity that he loved her. I, like everyone else, was singing hallelujah. It was the moment I had been waiting for since Felicity first appeared on the show. Later, that moment was ruined when we learned that it was all part of Oliver’s elaborate plot to take out Slade.

In that touching moment between Felicity and Oliver, he secretly handed Felicity the cure to the Mirakuru. Oliver knew Slade would be watching and would kidnap Felicity once he found out that Oliver loved her. Slade was so distracted that he didn’t notice Felicity had the syringe. She stabbed him with it and evened the odds between Slade and Oliver.

The final battle was spectacular, which I’ve come to expect from Arrow, and Oliver won, putting an end to Slade for now. Because Slade didn’t die, there’s always the chance that he could return.

Other highlights from the Arrow finale include Thea leaving Starling City and going off with Malcolm Merlyn, which leaves the door open for Roy to don the red mask and become Arsenal. Sara went back to the League, but gave her black leather jacket to Laurel. Did Sara pass the torch to Laurel? Will Laurel become the Black Canary?

Also, it appears Oliver first met Amanda Waller after he left the island, following his first battle with Slade. What did Oliver do for ARGUS? I guess we’ll have to wait until next season to find out.

Hart of Dixie

While I enjoyed both Once Upon a Time and Arrow, the Hart of Dixie finale had the most jaw-dropping moments. This was the episode of the hiccups because Zoe, Annabeth, and Crickett all had something important to say, but they couldn’t say it.

The backdrop for this episode was three weddings – Lily Anne and Meatball, Sylvia and Brando, and Crickett and Stanley. Lily Anne and Meatball chose to get married at the Rammer Jammer after Fancie’s burned down. They seemed happy until Lily Anne started listing every guy she’d ever been with in a crazy song she wrote for the wedding. They broke up, but the fun didn’t end there. Zoe took to the stage and told Wade that she loved him in front of everyone. I was ecstatic until Wade walked away without saying a word.

Crickett and Stanley were supposed to renew their wedding vows, but something was bothering Crickett. She stopped the wedding and told everyone that she’s gay. This was the biggest jaw-dropping moment of the episode. I didn’t see this one coming.

Soon after that, Annabeth told Davis that she couldn’t marry him because she was in love with someone else. I assumed she meant Lavon and I thought Lavon felt the same way until the road trip with Don Todd, George and Lavon’s idol. Don Todd went to tell his ex-wife that he still had feelings for her only to discover that she had moved on. George and Lavon realized they had to go after the women they loved before it was too late.

George went after Lemon who was boarding the Belles and Bachelors cruise. He got there too late. I thought it would then flash to Annabeth and Lavon. Instead, the crowd at the terminal parted and there was Lavon. That’s right. Lavon is still in love with Lemon.

Wade later showed up at Brando and Sylvia’s wedding. He gave up on the Rammer Jammer franchise. He told Zoe not to read too much into his staying, but Zoe told him she wasn’t giving up and neither am I.

What was your favorite season finale?