La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo: Laura/Estela is free

After so many episodes of La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo in which Mr. Blake held Laura/Estela and Paloma captive, they are finally free. Asdrúbal went to see Blake and told him that he needed Laura/Estela released. He only agreed to go to Blake after Ryan found the money that Danilo had been laundering and lost. Blake reluctantly let Laura/Estela and Paloma go after a heated conversation with Senator Logan. Basically, Logan reminded Blake that El Dorado knows a lot about Blake and could end his bid for mayor.

Meanwhile, Leticia finally left Tom after talking to his ex-wife, Felicia. She went to the police station and reported Tom. She then went back to the hotel and packed her stuff up. Unfortunately, she wasn’t fast enough because Tom arrived before she could leave and started his usual begging routine. For once, Leticia didn’t listen to him. She walked out the door, leaving him behind. The police showed up and Tom decided to escape out the window. He thought he was home free, but he ran into Danilo who choked him to death for stealing the money. Yes, Tom finally got what he deserved.

In other news, Blake let La Toña go and Morgana helped Tadeo with his music career.


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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo: Ryan knows about Laura’s past

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo has been full of action. Usually, Danilo is on the bad end of that action. I don’t think I’ve seen an actor take so many beatings in a novela. Danilo constantly has bruises and cuts.

Thankfully, for Danilo’s sake, the writers decided to give Danilo a break and put Ryan in the hospital this time. Ryan was shot in an assassination attempt on Laura/Estela. La Toña tried to have Estela killed and Ryan was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Laura/Estela explained her past to Ryan. She was a prostitute for La Toña and was beaten many times.

She’s afraid Ryan will look at her differently now that he knows the truth. Instead, Ryan only feels anger and wants to get vengeance for both of them.

El Dorado sent a basket to Ryan’s hospital room with a note. He wants Ryan’s shares in Furia and he wants Ryan to break up with Laura/Estela. Laura/Estela finds out later that El Dorado wants her to be with Asdrúbal.

Meanwhile, Danila found Calao hanging from a tree. He paid a visit to El Dorado’s house only to be stopped by Asdrúbal who told Danilo to focus on the money laundering. Danilo is such scum. The only good thing he’s done in recent weeks is rescue Paloma after she was kidnapped. Of course, if it hadn’t been for Danilo’s business dealings, Paloma never would have been kidnapped.

Mr. Blake is still around and he’s trying to find Laura/Estela. He kidnapped La Toña, thinking she would have information about Laura/Estela. He finds out Laura, Estela and Regia are all the same person.

Now for the most aggravating person on the show — Leticia. She is still with Tom, even though he beat up her son, pushed her daughter around, and beat her. Tom only stopped hitting Leticia because she announced that she was pregnant. He was filled with apologies for hitting her. How long do you think he’ll be sorry? My bet is not long.

The police showed up at their house, but Leticia didn’t press charges. Her kids wisely left and moved in with their father. I’m wondering what is planned for Leticia because Tom is so violent that he could kill her.

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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo looks like a hit

I’ve been looking forward to La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo because the cast is fabulous–David Zepeda, Danilo Carrera, Ariadne Díaz, and Mike Biaggio. It has only been on for a week and I’m hooked.

Laura is in the United States illegally after escaping from some bad guys and she buys the identification of Estela Carrillo so she can work. She becomes a music teacher at a school and there is a shooting. Laura ends up on TV as a hero for saving the children from the shooter.

Ryan is in prison, awaiting trial for the murder of Pedro Carrillo, Estela’s father. His lawyers tell him that Estela was on TV. Supposedly, even though she and Ryan were dating, no one met her so they don’t know what she really looks like. Ryan, of course, wants to meet her because he thought Estela was dead, but if she’s alive, she can testify for him and get him out of prison.

Laura agrees to visit Ryan and he figures out she is not Estela. Later, Laura agrees to play the part of Estela and testify for Ryan, after he told her that he’d have her and her daughter deported if she didn’t.

She testifies and the judge determines that the prosecution has no case. Apparently, the prosecution didn’t have any evidence, which makes me wonder how Ryan was arrested in the first place, but I digress. Ryan is released from prison.

Laura thinks that’s the end of it, but unfortunately she now has Pedro Carrillo’s enemies after her. She also is fired from her job and her house is ransacked.

Much to the dismay of his mother, Ryan takes her in along with her daughter, Paloma, and her friend, Chayo. I haven’t figured out if Paloma is really Laura’s daughter. I guess that will come later.

There’s also a mysterious guy who currently can’t see in Peru. He thought Laura was dead and recently discovered she’s not. Now, Laura will have to deal with him as well.

Ryan’s brother, Danilo, is trying to break into music with his band. He’s so desperate to succeed that he’s gotten involved with some thugs. Overall, he’s a mess. He decided to drive the tour bus while drunk and crashed. At least, I assume he crashed. I’m curious to see what happened to him tonight.

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