Arrow reveals who’s in the grave [Spolier Alert]

I’m stunned. I never would have guessed it. For months, I’ve predicted that Thea would be in the grave on Arrow because I thought she was the most expendable, but I was wrong. If you haven’t watched the last episode of Arrow, don’t read any further because there are spoilers.

Andy Diggle feeds Oliver and company information about Darhk and Merlyn. Oliver figures out that something isn’t right about the info Andy is giving them and doesn’t trust him. John gets mad at Oliver for distrusting his brother and it comes back to bite him.

Oliver and company end up at Iron Heights after an uprising there. Darhk, of course, is trying to break out of prison. While at the prison, Andy turns on Oliver and company and gives Darhk the missing piece of the idol, which he needs to regain his powers.

At this point, I thought the writers were setting us up for John Diggle’s death, but nope. Diggle’s complete trust in Andy got someone else on the team killed.

If you remember, Darhk had told Captain Lance that he would kill Laurel if he were ever betrayed. Darhk made good on his promise and killed Laurel as soon as he got his powers back. That’s right, Laurel is in the grave.

I thought Black Canary was an integral part of the story, but apparently the writers disagreed with me. With the team down yet another member, I have to believe that another character will be introduced to take the Canary’s place. The next few episodes should be quite interesting.

Do you agree with the writers’ decision to kill off Laurel?

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Did Arrow’s midseason finale trailer hint that Felicity is in the grave?

We know from Arrow’s trailer that Felicity is in danger. However, we also know that others who are close to Oliver are in danger as well.

Darhk vows to take everything from Oliver, and while Felicity’s death certainly would be a huge blow for Oliver, it also would be show suicide. Felicity keeps Oliver centered and many viewers tune in for Olicity. For these reasons, I stick by what I’ve been saying — someone other than Felicity is in the grave.

Thea has been, and still is, at the top of my list, but in recent weeks, the show has hinted that Captain Lance or Felicity’s mother could be in the grave. Additionally, in the crossover episode with The Flash, Oliver learned that he has a son, which means it could be his son or his son’s mother in the grave.

The crossover episode hinted at that possibility when the mother set the ground rules for Oliver to see his son. She said she didn’t want their son to be dragged into Oliver’s world. Of course, the world she’s talking about is much different from the one Oliver is in as the Green Arrow. If she ever finds out that Oliver is the Green Arrow, she’ll probably never allow Oliver to see his son.

As the season goes on, it’s possible Darhk will find out about Oliver’s son and kill him. The loss of his son would definitely make Oliver kill again.

As the list of candidates for the grave gets longer, who do you think is in the grave?



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