Dancing With the Stars has some good celebrity dancers

This season of Dancing With the Stars looks like it’s going to be a good one. They have a lot of celebrities that have great dancing potential.

Paige VanZant is more graceful than I thought she would be and is one of the best celebrity dancers on the show. Kim Fields and Ginger Zee are both bubbly and fun to watch. Marla Maples may be one of the older competitors, but she’s proof that age is just a number.

I’m happy for Keo Motsepe because he finally got paired with a celebrity who can dance – Jodie Sweetin. She’s been in the middle of the pack the last couple of weeks, but I expect her to get better as the show goes on.

The football players – Antonio Brown, Von Miller, and Doug Flutie – are pretty good. They aren’t as good as past football players (e.g., Emmitt Smith), but their fan base will most likely keep them on.

My favorites are Wanya Morris and Nyle Dimarco. Wanya Morris can move. If the first couple of weeks are any indication of his abilities, he has the potential to go all the way to the end.

Nyle Dimarco can’t hear the music, but you’d never be able to tell from his dancing. Somehow, he follows Peta and stays in time with the music. He’s amazing to watch and I believe that he too could go all the way to the final.

Like every season, there are weak links. Geraldo Rivera (who went home last week) and Mischa Barton are the weakest dancers of the group this season. I don’t expect Mischa Barton to last much longer.

Do you have a favorite on Dancing With the Stars?

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Season 19 of Dancing With the Stars Sucks Me in Again

When the Season 19 cast of Dancing With the Stars was revealed, I wasn’t thrilled. In fact, there was only one star I wanted to see dance – Alfonso Ribeiro. I told myself that I wouldn’t watch, but when September 15 came along, I found myself tuning in.

That first night, I was pleasantly surprised. Once again, they found a lot of stars who can dance. The biggest surprise for me that night was Sadie Robertson. She was great on the premiere and continues to surprise me every week. Disco ballNow every Monday, I tune in for my favorite, Alfonso Ribeiro, but I find myself cheering for Sadie too.

Who do I think should win? Although Sadie can dance, Alfonso Ribeiro deserves to win the mirror ball. Not only can he dance, he’s entertaining. Every week, I can’t wait to see what he and Witney have put together.

My favorite Alfonso/Witney dance is their jazz routine in which Alfonso did The Carlton. Everyone had been waiting for it and it was well worth the wait. I also enjoyed the jive they did on the premiere.

I can’t wait to see what they pull off for Dynamic Duo night.

Who is your favorite celebrity on Dancing With the Stars?



Dancing With the Stars Does It Again With Season 18

Last season, I was somewhat upset when I heard that Dancing With the Stars was being reduced to one night, but I was pleasantly surprised by the new dance challenges and the fact that they had so many stars that could dance. It seems the producers learned something from Season 17 because Season 18 has been exciting. Although there have been some shows that I felt were rushed because they were trying to get to the elimination, I’ve found this season has been as good if not better than Season 17.

Once again, Dancing With the Stars got celebrities who can dance. My favorites are Meryl Davis and Charlie White, but Amy Purdy is right up there with them.

I’ve also enjoyed the theme nights. For me, Disney night was the best theme night. I loved all of the music and the animation, of course, was spectacular.

The dance challenges also have made this season more interesting. A new dance challenge was the partner switch. It was quite clear that some of the celebrities didn’t enjoy switching partners, but I thought the switch benefited some of the them. For example, Derek Hough brought out the best in NeNe Leakes, which annoyed Tony Dovolani the following week.

This week’s challenge will be the dance duel, which will pit two teams against each other. At some point during the dance, the pros will drop out and the celebrities will dance together. This dance will highlight the differences between the celebrities that are left and their ability to dance.

In a picture released by Dancing With the Stars, it appears that Charlie White and Sharna Burgess will duel with Mark Ballas and Candace Cameron Bure. This duel will be a tough one for Candace to win if she lets her head get in the way. With the injuries plaguing Amy and Danica McKellar, it will be interesting to see if they can keep up in their duels.

What do you think about Season 18 so far? Who is your favorite dancer?

Dancing With the Stars: Season 17’s New Format

When Dancing With the Stars began the season, I wasn’t sure if I would like the new format. I always enjoyed the second night, even though I felt it had a lot of filler. However, I was pleasantly surprised. I found the show adapted well to being on one night and I didn’t feel that I missed out because they no longer had Dancing With the Stars on for two nights.

A lot of people have said that this show has seen better days and should probably end. But I think the new format has given Dancing With the Stars some new life. Of course, it helped that new dance challenges were added this season. My favorite challenges were the plugged/unplugged and fusion dances. Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff did a fantastic Tango and Rumba to Fall Out Boy’s “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark” and Amber Riley and Derek Hough were nearly perfect with their Jazz and Viennese Waltz to “Locked Out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars.

The celebrities all did a great job with their fusion dances. I thought it was fun to see two different dance styles melded into one dance. Amber Riley came out on top with this dance, which I believe won her the mirrorball trophy. I hope Dancing With the Stars keeps this dance challenge for next season.

I’m curious to see what will happen when Dancing With the Stars returns in the spring. Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke Charvet hinted that they have some surprises planned for next season.  Will it have more dance challenges? Will Dancing With the Stars invite more celebrities who know how to dance? It certainly made this season more interesting.

What would you like to see next season?

What Dancing With the Stars Got Right This Season

It took 16 seasons, but Dancing With the Stars finally has an exciting competition. What did it get right? The answer is Kellie Pickler and Zendaya. They are the best celebrity dancers to ever appear on the show. They have both been at the top of the leader board and either one could easily win.

But let’s not forget Alexandra Raisman, the Olympic gymnast. She also is good and seems to improve every week. She could be a sleeper in this competition.

Do I have my favorite? Of course, I do. Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that I’m Team Zendaya all the way. She is as good as the pros and has been since week one. No one can beat her lines or intricate footwork. But what I enjoy most is that she makes me feel every dance. I don’t know if it’s great acting on her part or if she’s just able to relate to each dance, but no one dances with more emotion. She hasn’t received a perfect score yet, but it’s only a matter of time. I look forward to her dance every week and, yes, I vote. In my opinion, no one deserves a place in the final more than Zendaya. I hope she makes it and that this doesn’t turn into another frustrating season in which the best dancer is eliminated.

If you’ve been watching Dancing With the Stars this season, I’d love to hear what you’ve enjoyed about the show. Do you have a favorite celebrity and have you been voting?