Sibling rivalry dominates Once Upon a Time

Once upon a Time returned to one of its old storylines. Last night, we were treated to an hour of sibling rivalry.

I’ll start with James and David. James locks David up at the sheriff’s office after telling David that he’s going to take his life by pretending to be David. James goes into the woods with Emma to bring supplies to Robin and that’s when the truth comes out. James planned with Cruella to take Robin and Zelena’s baby to Hades.

James and Cruella take Emma and Robin to the dock and Hook and David show up to save the day. David and James fight and James ends up in the water never to be heard from again and Cruella runs off.

Now, let’s discuss Zelena, Regina, and Cora. Regina wants to break up Zelena and Hades and turns to Cora for help. Regina and Cora try to give Zelena water that will make her forget Hades, but it backfires. Cora realizes her unfinished business is bringing Regina and Zelena back together.

We learn from flashbacks that Regina and Zelena knew each other when they were young, but Cora made them forget each other. Cora brings back those memories and Regina and Zelena are together again.

Cora says goodbye to both daughters and it appears at first that she’s going to Hell, but then a bright light appears and she goes to Heaven. Regina then tells Zelena to go to Hades because she believes Zelena might be able to change him.

Unfortunately, Rumpelstiltskin and Peter Pan have other plans and they kidnap Zelena before she can get to Hades.

To say Once Upon a Time has gotten ridiculous would be an understatement. I can’t believe I’m still watching, but I’ve invested so much into this season that I feel I should finish it.

What do you think about the latest on Once Upon a Time?

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Once Upon a Time goes to Hell

We knew it was coming and, last night, it finally happened — Once Upon a Time went to Hell, which strangely looks like Storybrooke.

Emma and company go to the underworld to get Hook and all of the villains with unfinished business are there, including the blind witch, Cruella, Peter Pan, and Cora.

Cora and Regina have a nice little family reunion in which Cora tells Regina that she has to think about herself and leave. When Regina refuses to leave her friends, Cora tells Regina if she doesn’t leave, her father will suffer.

Rumpelstiltskin visits his pawn shop to find a potion that will allow them to find Hook. Peter Pan owns the shop and he tries to make a deal with Rumpelstiltskin in which someone doesn’t make it back to Storybrooke, but Pan does. Rumpelstiltskin doesn’t accept.

Emma and company go to Hook’s grave to pour the potion over it and talk to him. Hook’s image appears beaten, but he can’t hear Emma. His image disappears without telling them where he is and Emma tells Regina to leave with Henry and Robin.

Regina pours the potion on her father’s grave and apologizes for killing him. Her father tells her to stay to help her friends, even though Cora plans to make him suffer. He believes in her and knows Regina is good.

Regina stays and Cora tries to set Regina’s father on fire, but soon after Cora disappears, the fire goes out and a bright light appears. Because her father finished his business, which was to make sure Regina stood against her mother and didn’t turn dark, he went to Heaven. Twice the writers had the opportunity to call the better place Heaven and twice they didn’t so I’m saying it.

Cora goes to see the devil who isn’t happy about Regina’s father. Why? Because he left and went to Heaven. The devil tells Cora that Regina will pay and punishes Cora by putting her in her old peasant clothes.

The flashback showed the battle between Regina’s parents and, as in the present day, Regina prevailed over her mother.

What did you think of Once Upon a Time’s return?




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