Pet Video of the Week: Back away from the stocking

I love gifts and I remember, when I was younger, I couldn’t wait to dig into my stocking and I didn’t want anyone messing with it. This dog apparently feels the same way. He’s extremely protective of his stocking. No one is getting near it. He growls to keep his owner at bay, which normally I wouldn’t find adorable. But, in this case, he’s really cute.




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Pet Video of the Week: Elf as done by pugs

Elf is one of my favorite Christmas movies. I’ve watched it probably hundreds of times. I love the part when Buddy goes to the doctor and believes he’s in for a treat, only to get stunned when he’s stuck with a needle for a blood test. It cracks me up.

Unfortunately, this pug version skips that part, but it’s adorable nonetheless. In two minutes, the pugs cover the basics of the story and are extremely cute. It will put a smile on your face.




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It’s officially the holiday season

Last week, we celebrated Thanksgiving, which means it’s officially the start of the holiday season and my favorite time of year. It means I can break out my favorite holiday movies and books.

One of my favorite holiday movies is While You Were Sleeping. It stars Bill Pullman and Sandra Bullock, and has all of the romance and laughs you’d expect from a romantic comedy. I’ve watched it far too many times to count. An oldie but goodie is A Christmas in Connecticut. I prefer the original with Barbara Stanwyck over the remake. I also enjoy watching Miracle on 34th Street.

I appreciate a good comedy and, when I want to laugh out loud, I put on National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation or Elf.

When I feel like reading, I have a couple of books that I keep on my shelf. I enjoy Christmas short stories and one of my favorite collections is Home for the Holidays. It has three short stories by Leanne Banks, Dixie Browning, and Kathie DeNosky. If you’re looking for a little light reading at this time of year, this is a fun, quick, and romantic read.

I’m always looking for recommendations. If you have any holiday favorites of your own, share them in the comments.


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Why I love Christmas?

_DSC8637For me, Christmas is full of tradition. I’m Italian and grew up with many of the Italian traditions that I continue today.

On Christmas Eve, we eat lots of fish. We usually start with linguine with clam sauce. The second course includes a white fish with lemon and olive oil, calamari, shrimp, smelts, oysters, and mussels. With all of this food, most of the night is spent around the table and you don’t need many Italians to have a party. We love our food and time together.

A break is taken from the table to go to church and then it’s back home for dessert — cannoli, struffoli (honey balls), and Italian three-layer cream pie. We each open one gift and call it a night.

On Christmas Day, we gather again after everyone has opened their gifts and it’s another day of food. It’s not a Christmas Day dinner without antipasto and lasagna. The second course consists of salad and chicken cacciatore.

When we’ve finished dinner, we serve a bowl of fruit and mixed nuts. If that’s not enough food — remember, I said we love our food — we then have coffee and dessert, which is normally a repeat of the dessert from the night before.

Christmas Day is a day of fun and laughter. I look forward to this time of year because of the traditions.

What are your traditions?

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