Hart of Dixie: Say It Isn’t So

Lavon and Annabeth (AB) had been the perfect couple on Hart of Dixie. They were the sane couple in a crazy town. That’s right. I used the past tense because the Hart of Dixie writers broke our hearts.

The trouble began when Elodie announced she was engaged. Lavon’s face pretty much said it all when AB told him, but AB made light of it as if she was happy to wait until Lavon was ready to propose.

Everything went down hill from there. AB agreed to plan Elodie’s bachelorette party. It was obvious AB was not only stressed out about planning a bachelorette party on short notice, she was upset that it wasn’t her. Of course, it didn’t help that Elodie kept telling AB that her time would come someday.

What all of that did for AB was make it clear that she couldn’t wait for Lavon. When she confronted Lavon and admitted that she knew he was the love of her life after one month, Lavon couldn’t say the same to her. That moment marked the end of AB and Lavon.

The worst part for me was that Lavon couldn’t even explain to AB why he didn’t feel that way. This is the same man who was ready to marry that awful Ruby Jeffries. AB is a much better catch. She cares about people, whereas Ruby always looked out for herself.

How could Lavon have been ready to marry Ruby and not AB? I hope future episodes explain this.

What did you think of AB and Lavon’s breakup?