Pet Video of the Week: It’s the cone of shame!

I used to feel awful every time my dog ended up in the cone. She used to crash into so many things and struggle with eating and playing with her toys. The cone was for her own good, but I pitied her.

Many of the clips in this video remind me of the struggles she had. One of the clips, however, really surprised me. Can you guess which one? If you guessed the dog with the orange traffic cone on his head, you’re correct. I can’t figure out how that would have happened.

Do you have a favorite clip?



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Pet Pictures and Videos of the Week

With most of the shows I watch on hiatus for the summer, I thought I’d introduce a new feature. Every week, I will be posting a couple of pet pictures or videos that I find on the web. I love animals and come across some hilarious and cute pictures and videos all the time. Now, you can see those videos and pictures here.


Let me know what you think.

A little cutie

A little cutie

Smile for the camera

Smile for the camera

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