Tres Veces Ana: Now that’s how a finale is done

It has been a long time since I’ve watched an action-packed finale to a novela. Lately, all of the action has happened before the finale. That was not the case with Tres Veces Ana. Despite what I call creative editing, which made some of the finale feel choppy, Tres Veces Ana delivered a tension filled hour and a half.

I have to start a little before the finale for all of the pieces to make sense. First, I’ll start with Ramiro. Facundo and Valentín kidnapped Ramiro and took him to a remote cabin where they shot him up with drugs so he wouldn’t be able to feel his legs. While he’s tied up, Valentín stands up (yes, he can walk) and confesses that he killed Gina. I have to admit that I didn’t see that one coming.

Ana Laura finds out where Ramiro is and goes into the cabin. She sees him tied up and, instead of trying to untie him right away, she tells him to wake up and then goes on to tell him how much she loves him. Of course, she takes so long that Valentín returns, but not before she pulls the needle out of Ramiro’s back.

Valentín ties up Ana Laura and then leaves again. By this time, Ramiro has feeling back in his legs. Ana Laura frees herself and Ramiro. When Valentín returns, Ramiro attacks him, but Valentín gets the best of him and Ana Laura ends up saving the day by killing Valentín just as the rest of the family shows up to rescue them.

Iñaki tries to kill Ana Lucia, but Marcelo stops him. They fight and Marcelo ends up unconscious. He’s rushed to the hospital where the tumor in his head is finally removed. We say goodbye to the personality switches as Marcelo and Santiago merge, realizing that they need each other.

The finale picks up with everyone returning to the mansion after the whole Valentín ordeal, but Ana Leticia isn’t there because she has gone off the deep end. She kills Claudia after she taunts Ana Leticia with details of her relationship with Mariano. Ana Leticia then runs off with Iñaki, but not before she gets her son. Surprise. Surprise. She never lost the baby.

Ana Laura marries Ramiro and Ana Lucia appears happy with Marcelo, but Marcelo wants his son. Marcelo works with the police to take down Facundo. The police shoot Facundo, but he survives. We don’t see Facundo after that scene, but I assume he went to prison.

A few months go by and Iñaki realizes he’s been wrong. He calls his father for help. Iñaki is arrested and Marcelo gets his son.

Ana Leticia decides to take out her insanity on her family. She kills her grandmother, attempts to kill her aunt, and ties up her sisters. Mariano walks in on this and Ana Leticia has him undress as she tells him how much she loves him and not the way a niece loves an uncle. She makes him get in her car and she thinks that they are off to live happily ever after.

Mariano has other plans. He crashes the car, which leaves him paralyzed from the waist down. Ana Leticia is placed in an insane asylum.

If this one doesn’t clean up at the TVyNovelas Awards, I’ll be stunned. While I lost interest part way through because it seemed to drag at times, the last few weeks were exciting. I also can’t say enough about the performances by Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli. They were excellent. Rulli changed from Marcelo to Santiago easily. One look of his eyes and you knew which one he was. As I’ve said before, Boyer played the three different personalities well. She clearly showed all of their traits.

Did you like Tres Veces Ana?


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Tres Veces Ana: Will the tears ever stop?

Over the years, I’ve watched a number of novelas and have come to expect the tears. But Tres Veces Ana takes the tears to a whole new level.

Ana Laura cries on just about every episode. She and Ramiro are like a broken record. They are together and happy. Then, Ana Laura allows Ana Leticia to poison her thoughts and Ana Laura breaks up with Ramiro and cries endlessly until she gets back together with him. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

It’s obvious Ramiro and Ana Laura belong together, but it will never happen until Ana Laura gets over herself and realizes Ana Leticia is evil.

Ana Laura lost one of her legs in the car accident that killed her parents and separated Ana Lucía from her and Ana Leticia. Her missing leg bothers her more than Ramiro. He doesn’t care, but Ana Laura always believes he’s taking pity on her. I’m hoping by the end that she realizes that Ramiro’s heart is completely hers.

She also lets her fear of acceptance rule her. I agree with Ana Leticia on one thing. Ana Laura is desperate to have someone at her side. That’s why when she’s not with Ramiro, she’s with Valentín. While Valentín is out to get revenge against Ana Laura’s uncle, Mariano, Ana Laura really shouldn’t be with anyone until she gets her head straight.

Speaking of getting heads straight, Ana Leticia is crazy. I realize she lost her husband, Marcelo, but that doesn’t mean she has to make everyone else miserable. She’s only happy when Ana Laura is crying.

Although Ana Laura has been the biggest crier, Ana Leticia is giving her a run for her money. Since she found out Marcelo might be alive and that Mariano is marrying Jennifer, she’s become a regular crier. Mariano yells at her and she cries. She reminisces about Marcelo and cries.

Crying over Marcelo, I can understand, but crying over Mariano, I can’t. She has a very odd fascination with her uncle. Let’s just say, that Jennifer should watch her back.

Of the three sisters, Ana Lucía seems to be the most stable, probably because she didn’t grow up with her family. Despite being the most stable, she’s had her tearful moments. She tends to cry whether she’s happy or sad.

Santiago (aka Marcelo) makes her happy and she cries. She thinks about what will happen if Santiago ever gets his memory back and she cries.

These sisters cry so much that it makes me wonder what Angelique Boyer, who plays the triplets, is thinking every time she’s required to cry or whether she has a bowl of onions nearby to help her out.

Seriously though, I’m enjoying Tres Veces Ana. I just wish the sisters would stop crying, at least for a little while. It can’t be healthy to shed all those tears.

Are you watching Tres Veces Ana? If so, what do you think of the sisters?


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