Wonder Woman is the best DC comics superhero movie

Wonder Woman is one of my favorite superhero movies. Unlike the previous movies based on DC comics, Wonder Woman isn’t dark. Diana Prince believes that people are genuinely good. Even when she sees the worst, she doesn’t give up on people. Her only goal is to help. It’s her optimism and compassion that keep the movie from falling into Batman territory in which the world is a dark and evil place to live.

The movie opens with Diana Prince arriving at the Louvre. She sits at a desk and looks at a photograph of her taken in 1918 during World War I. She then reminisces on her life and we are taken back to when she was a child on Themyscira, a hidden island that is home to the Amazons.

Diana wants to learn how to be a warrior like her aunt, Antiope, but her mother, Hippolyta, doesn’t want her to take part in combat training. She’s afraid the more Diana learns, the more likely it is Diana might discover what she really is.

Diana trains with her aunt anyway and, by the time she is an adult, Diana is able to take on the best. It’s in the middle of a mock fight that Diana’s powers come out, but she still doesn’t discover that she’s more than an Amazon.

Steve Trevor crashes in the ocean just off the coast of Themyscira. He’s the first man Diana has ever seen and the movie has some fun with that.

Steve tells her and the other Amazons about the war and Diana decides it must be Aries and she has to leave with Steve to save everyone. They arrive in London and Steve tells the general about the gas Dr. Poison has developed. If it’s used, it will kill everyone. The general denies Steve’s request to go to the front to stop Dr. Poison and Diana is appalled at the general’s attitude. The general believes soldiers are meant to die.

Steve tells Diana that they are going to the front anyway. Diana’s compassion shines through when she comes across a crying woman in No Man’s Land. She tells Diana everything has been taken from her and her people. Steve tries to get her to leave, but she won’t hear of it. What follows is one of the most spectacular scenes in the movie. Diana, dressed as Wonder Woman, marches across the field. She deflects bullets with her bracelets and shield. When she sets her mind to something, nothing stands in Wonder Woman’s way.

All of this leads to the final battle, which is also quite spectacular, even if it is a little unbelievable. Tanks go flying through the air as Wonder Woman takes on the enemy; yet, all of the soldiers carry on with their business as if nothing is going on. In reality, they would drop what they were doing to watch the show. Despite that implausible tidbit, that scene is still enjoyable to watch.

Gal Gadot is fabulous as Wonder Woman. Her martial arts moves are amazing. She and Chris Pine play off of each other well. I can’t really think of anyone else who would have done these roles justice. The secondary characters are good and add a bit of comic relief. If you see the movie, you’ll love the scenes with Etta Candy.

Wonder Woman should not be missed. I can’t wait for the sequel.

Have you seen Wonder Woman?


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Arrow ends the season with a bang

After 22 episodes of Arrow, we finally got the fight between Oliver and Adrian Chase (a.k.a., Prometheus).

Adrian kidnapped Oliver’s team and his son and brought them all to Lian Yu. Oliver knows he can’t take on Adrian and his thugs alone so he recruits Nyssa and Malcolm Merlyn (actually, Malcolm volunteered himself). On the island, Oliver breaks Slade Wilson and Boomerang out of the A.R.G.U.S. prison. The Mirakuru wore off and Slade is sane again, though surprised Oliver would ask for his help.

Oliver and his new recruits meet up with Malcolm and Nyssa on the beach just in time for Adrian to blow up their plane with an RPG. Nyssa and Malcolm go off to check on where the RPG came from. Oliver, Boomerang, and Slade try to track where William’s call came from only to find part of his team and William’s mother locked up in cages.

They figure out that it’s a trap when they notice that there are no guards around and Evelyn appears in front of them. Boomerang pulls out a gun that Adrian had given him. Boomerang gives Slade the choice of changing sides and, at first, it appears Slade is joining Adrian’s side, but Slade then declines. A fight ensues, but Thalia and Boomerang disappear when Nyssa and Malcolm show up.

They get everyone out of the cages and Oliver and Felicity share a tender moment. He has Malcolm take everyone to Adrian’s plane so they can go back to the mainland. On the way to the plane, Thea steps on a landmine. Malcolm pushes her off to take her place and tells all of them to go just as Boomerang and Adrian’s thugs show up. There’s an explosion and we are supposed to assume that Malcolm died. I’m not convinced. He seems to appear out of nowhere so I wouldn’t be surprised if he somehow survived.

Oliver, Slade, and Nyssa find the rest of the team at an old temple. Slade pretends to turn on Oliver and Oliver gets locked up with everyone. Oliver gives Dinah the contraption that Curtis made and it gives Dinah her voice back. She does her thing and frees everyone.

Adrian then shows up and Oliver tells him that he’ll never kill him. They fight, while Oliver’s team takes on Adrian’s thugs. Their fight ends with Oliver’s arms around Adrian’s neck. Adrian urges Oliver to kill him, but Oliver tells him that killing is in his past. It’s not who he is anymore. Oliver lets him go and Adrian escapes by using a smoke bomb.

Oliver tells his team to meet up with the others and he goes after Adrian. The team discovers that the plane can’t be flown and the entire island is rigged with explosives that will go off if Adrian dies. Oliver tells them to have Slade lead them to a supply ship on the other side of the island.

Oliver sees Adrian trying to escape the island on a boat. Oliver runs and leaps onto the boat. Again, they fight and Adrian pulls William out from inside the boat. Adrian basically tells Oliver there’s no way he can win. If he kills Adrian, the entire island will blow up. If Oliver allows Adrian to kill William, Oliver’s friends will live, but his son will be dead.

In the end, Oliver puts an arrow in Adrian’s leg and pulls William toward him. Of course, we couldn’t just have a happy ending though. Adrian pulls out a gun and shoots himself in the head. The finale ended with Lian Yu going up in flames.

I don’t care much for the flashbacks so all I’ll say is the flashbacks showed Oliver kill Kovar. They also showed how Oliver made himself look like he’d been on the island for years and ended up on the boat that took him home.

I’ll be curious in the fall to see which characters didn’t make it. After the kiss Felicity and Oliver shared, I think it’s safe to say Felicity will definitely be back and we might get some Olicity next season.

As far as villains go, Adrian/Promotheus was good this year, but I’m hoping for a bigger and badder villain. Adrian seemed more obsessed with Oliver and bringing him down than in doing destruction to Star City. It would be nice to see a villain that is a bigger threat to the city than Adrian was (e.g., Slade Wilson and his minions in Season 2).

What did you think of the finale? Any thoughts on Season 6?


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The Fate of the Furious is well worth the ride

Going in to see The Fate of the Furious, I was skeptical. I wondered how they could possibly keep the story fresh. After all, this is the eighth movie in the series. But the Furious gang managed to pull off another entertaining movie.

In this one, we meet Cipher (Charlize Theron) who enlists the help of Dom to help her get her hands on nuclear bombs. Dom, of course, doesn’t want to leave Letty and turn his back on his team, but Cipher has her hands on some valuable collateral, which forces Dom’s hand. It’s not until somewhere in the middle that you find out what the collateral is and you’ll be surprised.

There are women, very fast cars, and lots of action, including ridiculous stunts. Dom, in particular, pulled off one stunt that had me saying, “There’s no possible way he’d ever survive that.” But it’s a movie so I let it go.

For me, the best part of the movie was Jason Statham who is back as Deckard. He has one of the best fight sequences in the history of the franchise. Not only does that fight sequence give us classic Statham moves, but it also provides a few laughs.

If you’re looking for a good time at the movies, this is the movie for you. It kept me thoroughly entertained and I’m already looking forward to the ninth.

Have you seen The Fate of the Furious?


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