Memories of You


Memories of You

Sixteen years ago, Lissa de la Fuente and Zach Brody were high school sweethearts. For Lissa, life was perfect until Zach decided to skip town, leaving her behind.

Zach, now a successful photojournalist, has returned to Lincoln Falls for his best friend’s wedding. He hopes to make amends with Lissa, but when he sees her, Zach realizes making amends might not be enough. He wants what they once had.

Lissa remembers every detail of their relationship, though she wishes she didn’t. For years, she’s lived with the anger and hurt of Zach’s leaving. Everyone tells her to forgive Zach. Only for Lissa, the issues go far beyond forgiveness. She gave her heart to Zach once and was destroyed. If she allows herself to fall for him, can she trust Zach to not break her heart again?

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