Betting Brenda


Betting Brenda

Brenda Bartolomeo wishes, for once in her life, that she’d been able to say no to a bet.  Because of her latest bet, she’s on reality TV show, “Man of Your Dreams,” appearing as if she’s desperate for a date.  She’s not sure her life could get more embarrassing.  Brenda has no intention of staying on the show and falling in love.  Then she meets the bachelor’s brother, Caleb, and all her plans change.

What’s a man to do with a woman who can’t say no?  Bet her.

Caleb Smith uses Brenda’s weakness against her to keep her on the show.  He bets her that if she stays on the show, she’ll fall in love with his brother.  He soon discovers he made a mistake.  If Brenda has her way, his days as a bachelor may be over.

Betting Brenda was a finalist in the NTRWA Great Expectations Contest in 2012.


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