Jennifer goes to Disney World


Pandora at Animal Kingdom

After our cruise, we decided to extend our trip and went to Disney World for a couple of days. I primarily was interested in going to see Pandora at Animal Kingdom and I was not disappointed. Disney did a wonderful job recreating the world of Pandora from Avatar.

My first stop at Animal Kingdom was the new ride Flight of Passage, which is in 3D. I felt as though I was riding on the back of a banshee. It was incredible. I also went on the much more relaxing Na’vi River Journey. It is not as thrilling as Flight of Passage, but it’s worth a ride just to experience the bioluminescent rainforest.


Another view of Pandora at Animal Kingdom

In addition to Pandora, Animal Kingdom added a nighttime show. Usually, we don’t spend a whole day at Animal Kingdom, but we did this time just to see the show and I’m glad we did. Rivers of Light has music and special effects that will keep you mesmerized.

Besides Animal Kingdom, we also went to Hollywood Studios because we had to ride The Great Movie Ride one last time. It is being replaced with a different ride. Stitch’s Great Escape at Magic Kingdom also is being replaced. I didn’t realize when I rode Stitch’s Great Escape that it was my last time. I recently heard that it is being turned into a meet and greet area.


Me with Rafiki

With the expansion at Hollywood Studios, a lot of the park was blocked off, but the expansion sounds amazing. I saw part of the roller coaster in Toy Story Land. If that land is anything like Cars Land at Disney Land, it will be awesome.

Disney World is always fun and we had a great time.


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