Jill’s chitchat: Does Lincoln Falls have any talent?

It’s time for the annual Lincoln Falls talent show. Does Lincoln Falls have any real talent? We will find out once again when everyone lines up to audition at the Lincoln Falls Theater on Monday at 4 pm.

For the last three years, Scarlett Flynn has won for her yodeling expertise. I’m asking, no I’m begging, please don’t allow this to happen for a fourth year. Mrs. Flynn is a wonderful yodeler, but we must have someone in this town who can sing, dance, tell a joke, or do magic. If you can do any of these things, please show up at the auditions.

The 20 best acts will be chosen from all of those who audition and will perform on Friday, October 20.

Mayor Bennett is the only confirmed judge at this time. Former Broadway star, Jessica James, is said to be in discussions. It is unknown who will fill the third seat, but I’ve heard veterinarian, Will Banks, is on the short list, as is Lincoln Falls High football coach, Eric Mason.

See you next week!


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