Jill’s chitchat: Labor Day event for all expecting women

Labor Day is Monday and it’s a day when we celebrate American workers and everything they have achieved.

Our mayor, Cord Bennett, and the Lilies of Lincoln Falls have decided to give new meaning to Labor Day. On Monday, all of the pregnant women in Lincoln Falls are invited to the town center for an afternoon of games.

The Lilies have an entire schedule of events that includes wheelbarrow races and a baby hand off relay race. The women also may participate in a car seat challenge in which the women must install a car seat correctly. The first one to complete the challenge wins two boxes of diapers.

Of course, we can’t have an event without food. Brothers Diner will be providing burgers and fries, and the Shake and Scoop will have a variety of shakes available. The food is free for all of the pregnant women. All others will have to pay $5 for a burger and fries and $2 for a shake.

The event begins at 2 pm and will end at 5 pm. I look forward to seeing all of you there.


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