Jill’s chitchat: Interview with Lissa de la Fuente

Jill: I have a special guest this week — Lissa de la Fuente. She was recently promoted to vice principal of Lincoln Falls High School. Congratulations on the new job!

Ms. de la Fuente: Thank you.

Jill: Next week, school starts and I’ve heard you have a message for all of the students.

Ms. de la Fuente: Principal Little has asked me to tell everyone about some changes to the curriculum this year.

Jill:  Oh, this sounds exciting. What do the students have to look forward to?

Ms. de la Fuente: This year, the AP Biology class will have a mandatory field trip to a morgue to examine the human body.

Jill: That seems morbid.

Ms. de la Fuente: It is, but Principal Little thinks it will be an enriching experience.

Jill: What other changes are coming?

Ms. de la Fuente: All tenth grade students will be required to complete their civics hours at a prison. They will be helping the prisoners with their community service.

Jill: Isn’t that a bit extreme?

Ms. de la Fuente: Principal Little believes it will make an impression on the students.

Jill: I believe it will. Is the principal trying to have fewer prisoners in the future?

Ms. de la Fuente: Principal Little wants the students to appreciate fully what prison is like.

Jill: Interesting. Any other changes?

Ms. de la Fuente: The last big change is for this year’s freshmen. They will be required to attend a retreat on teamwork. The retreat will include a survival lesson in which the students will be taken to a remote location and will have to survive on their own for a week.

Jill: What?! That seems crazy. Has the school board approved these changes?

Ms. de la Fuente: They have. They claim that Principal Little is a trailblazer.

Jill: The students are certainly going to have an exciting school year.

Ms. de la Fuente: They are and I look forward to seeing all of them on Monday.

Jill: Thank you for your time.

Ms. de la Fuente: This was a pleasure. Thank you.

Jill: Good luck to all of the students starting school next week.



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