Jill’s chitchat: Lucas boys fight over a woman

The Lucas boys recently took to online dating. Somehow, they managed to find a woman who is interested in them. You read correctly. I said “woman,” not “women.” Apparently, the Lucas boys have fallen in love with the same woman.

They have been dating her for the last three weeks, but didn’t know they were dating the same woman until last night when she met them at Rowdy’s. Believe it or not, one Lucas wasn’t enough for her. Pick your mouths up off the floor. I’m stunned too.

At exactly 8 pm last night, Huck and Tuck entered Rowdy’s, thinking they were going on a double date. Seeing the woman at the bar, they both walked up to her and then realized they were there to meet the same woman.

An argument ensued and the woman high-tailed it out of the bar as Huck punched Tuck in the nose. Tuck tackled Huck and fists flew. Cooper Rowdy jumped into the melee and finally was able to separate them.

I’ve found out that Huck and Tuck are currently not speaking. Huck has moved out of their house and is now living in the barn. They also have deleted their online dating profiles.

The ladies of Lincoln Falls beware because I have a feeling it won’t be long until the Lucas boys are on the prowl again.


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