Jill’s chichat: An interview with Mayor Cord Bennett

Jill: I have a special guest this week. Mayor Cord Bennett has agreed to join me. I hear you have an announcement to make and it can’t wait until the next quarterly town meeting.

Mayor Bennett: This is something that is going to make many of the citizens of Lincoln Falls happy. We’ve needed it for awhile and I’m pleased to announce that we are finally moving forward with the bike trail. We’ve hired a company that will add a bike lane to Main Street. That lane will then turn off onto a paved path that will go around the lake.

Jill: A bike trail? That’s your news?

Mayor Bennett: Yes. Isn’t it great? I’ve received numerous requests for a bike trail and, at one point, I received a petition from 100 residents.

Jill: Those residents will be thrilled.

Mayor Bennett: It’s perfect for everyone. Parents can take the kids’ bikes to the lake and let them ride. For the physically fit and more adventurous, a separate path will split off from the lake and go up the hill.

Jill: Isn’t that a bit steep?

Mayor Bennett: It is, which is why I said it’s for the physically fit. We don’t want someone to have a heart attack.

Jill: Right. I’m glad you decided to come in for the interview today. Now, for something a bit more juicy. Who are you currently dating?

Mayor Bennett: No one.

Jill: I don’t believe you. You’re always dating someone.

Mayor Bennett: It’s none of your business. I didn’t come in to discuss my private life.

Jill: My readers want to know. Are you still dating triplets?

Mayor Bennett: I’ve never dated triplets.

Jill: That’s not what my source tells me.

Mayor Bennett: Your source is lying. I’m done. You got your interview.

Jill: Cord . . . wait.

Mayor Bennett: Goodbye.

Jill: Well, that was awkward. Congratulations to the residents who fought for the bike trail.

See you next week!


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