Jill’s chitchat: Brothers Diner is expanding

Changes have been happening faster than an asteroid barreling toward Earth since Eddie Taylor took over Brothers Diner. He’s revamped the menu, installed a new counter, and now he’s adding an ice cream fountain.

Watch out Braiden Parker, the Shake and Scoop is getting some competition. The menu will feature a Lincoln Falls sundae, which will consist of five scoops of vanilla ice cream, banana slices, chocolate and strawberry sauces, gummy worms, crushed chocolate chip cookies, whipped cream, a cherry, and edible rainbow glitter. It’s an interesting combination. Make sure to save your appetite for this one.

Although the diner won’t offer the same number of shakes as the Shake and Scoop, Eddie Taylor told me that 50 different shakes will be on the menu. Sounds yummy to me.

Eddie says he expects the ice cream fountain to be open in about two months. The diner will remain open during construction so everyone can still get their diner fix.

See you next week!


If you’d like to learn more about Lincoln Falls, check out Jennifer Britt’s books.

Remember you can find Jennifer Britt here: Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Pinterest.

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