Vino el Amor: David and Luciana sacrifice for a whiny 18-year old

grapes-1611089_640I’m back. I haven’t been posting as much as usual because I decided to take some time to get started on a new Lincoln Falls novel and the first story in a brand new series, which I hope to release this year. During my break, I’ve kept up with Vino el Amor and I’m disgusted.

I know the Vino el Amor writers had to separate David and Luciana to keep the storyline going, but to separate them because of Fernanda is ridiculous. Fernanda is an 18-year old, but she acts more like a two-year old.

After Fernanda found out about David and Luciana, she threw a fit and turned to her friends who got her drunk and then gave her pills that were supposed to not make her feel sad. Apparently, none of them have heard that you shouldn’t mix pills and alcohol.

Fernanda took the pills and passed out. David found her and she was rushed to the hospital. She recovered after a stay in a hospital that was far longer than any realistic stay in a hospital. In reality, she would have been discharged the following day. Maybe she got a longer stay because David is friends with César.

Since being home, she’s been seeing Dr. Anderson who has convinced her that she really wanted to commit suicide, not that the overdose was accidental. Of course, Dr. Anderson is being paid by Graciela and is manipulating Fernanda.

Fernanda who is completely self-centered keeps telling David that she can’t be happy if David is with Luciana. I have no idea why because she and Luciana were once friends and you would think she’d care somewhat about her father’s feelings, but Fernanda only cares how she feels.

David thought maybe Fernanda was changing because she didn’t freak out when she caught Luciana and David tasting wine together. He was wrong. Her latest bombshell is that she wants David to find love with Graciela. Yes, the kind aunt who has manipulated her and, by the way, killed her mother. I wonder if Fernanda will love her dear aunt when she finds out that her mother is no longer with them because, in a fit of jealousy, Graciela hit Lisa in the head with a rock and then watched her drown in the river.

David’s mouth fell to the floor after Fernanda’s latest request. I can’t wait to find out what his response is. Even though he and Luciana have been on a break, there’s been lots of smooching. I can’t imagine he’s going to drop Luciana to pursue Graciela because that’s what Fernanda wants. Seriously, Fernanda needs to grow up.

What do you think of the latest on Vino el Amor?



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